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Instead allows you to order in a in a in an anatomy way like everybody else. Have you used these. I've never used it. I think it's good for probably younger people. So I- teenagers who you like said don't speak about algae restaurant so I think for young person probably Milwaukee smartphones savvy would probably use me me. I much prefer to speak in someone directly are they kind of you get to assemble. You do feel like I don't think there's no some I'm GONNA go out a way to download load out the minute. Maybe it's about trust and risk again if you rely on an APP you're absolutely completely relying on all the back end side. Take the person whose input Information Schumer era for my experience of using them quite often it will. It will appear that. I can't have anything because of the way it's filled in but if you say that bill so no. I can't have the steak because it Scott saw spy can have two thousand dollars for the APP. Tell me that you'll must need every element of the meal. The Mash sit in the mash. What's in the cauliflower? Sit canape you can have nothing. You still like Dan says you need to have a conversation on those short George about the upside and many of them about. Ub shelves me like you. Sport my out. But I'm a bit like I will never support me. I don't use myself one of those one of the once. We have to sign a disclaimer before we were allowed to say anything so I'm very devious about absent minded positive I'm all about postive but it's no take the maidment. They just need a couple of years to sort of what the didn't really human but then he did have kids at my stroke. When you were shopping it can give you all the things that you need but discounting on a barcode and that is very? Oh today that's been written by consultants. They truly get the difficulty so just totally through what that does. I'm not familiar with my strife. If my straight you set up your profile it's been created by pediatric consultants Dietitians Dietitians within the algae arena. And you can go into supermarkets discount anything and tell you according to your price to your the one in control whether it's safer. Yeah I wanted to know who we we think he's really good. Who is an I might start with? Callum actually wear. Your favorite restaurant is so why you like it so much. I'M GONNA go with Pete to express on my favorites too short. So why do you like Pizza Express can do stay safe.

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