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Or at least have degrees and put on the kowloon have bruce wayne stand the the the cave in do the less intensive stuff i feel like that's almost the route they should go however can of getting into my fan casting since a kind of has to do with the dc eu anyhow i theme casted my own path pat may be unfilled because there were rumors that we were going to have a uh uh basically jake jilin hall possible replacement for ben affleck um even though ben affleck still kind of quiet hike contemplating these solo batman film um despite it all uh you know matt reeves once jeep jilin hall f ben affleck is not going to do it and obviously the let ben affleck do it since he's kind of the defacto batman at this point and what's funny is i think that he's kind of the full package of fat members wayne in that he kind of embodies both characters really well and kind of fits in with the dc animated universe version of bruce when bettman he normally looks very similar to the early a d c a you like batman animated series before they revised at all he fits that look and that tone of batman in a sense um so i am actually quite pleased to see where there were there going with it um but i i fan casted my own batman dionne film encourages go with me on his ride because it's it's a little different.

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