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I'm Alex Ritz and added thirteen hours GMT on Friday. The tenth of August. These are all main stories. The Turkish president reject tub Erta when this called on people to defend the national currency after its value slumped, by fourteen percent with an a day, the main opposition group in Zimbabwe is due to mountain legal challenge to the election victory of president Emmerson Mnangagwa a large demonstration has taken place in western China against the planned demolition of a huge mosque. Also in this podcast, made them mouth and that mouse eat fat, but it doesn't get fat in terms of translation to Uman's. These could be formulated as pills. So you may be able to gorge yourself on fatty food without gaining any weight. The Turkish president. Reggie tab, Edwin has called on Turks to support the embattled currency after its value fell by fourteen percent against the dollar within twenty four hours. He told his supporters that speculators would not bring Turkey to it's knees were just out in those The dollar. dollar. If you have dollars euros or gold under your pillow goes banks to exchange them for Turkish lira. It's a national fight. We should be United in this alway ready for it. Zubi as as the president addressed the crowd, the lira plunged further. It's fallen forty percent. In the last year, there are concerns about Mr. Erdogan's reluctance to hike interest rates to curb inflation and about the ability of Turkish firms to repay their foreign debts as well as the impact of poor relations with the United States. Earlier this morning, our correspondent, Celine Garrett went out on the streets to see how the impact of international politics is affecting everyday life. It's early morning here in his stumbled, and the sellers are setting up their stalls in this marketplace and one by one they are placing their price tags on the Stolz, but I have to tell you the tax do not seem very appealing. A bunch of garlic here, for instance, is sold for five liras and here at this stole it kilo of all lives for twenty liras should be solid. This particular seller tells me it would cost at least three liras to prepare basic bowl of salad. Keep the lives out of it. He says, otherwise, it will be too expensive today Turkish lira has hit a new record, low against the dollar, the euro and the pound the local currency lost. Nearly a third of its value. Since the beginning of the year, there's a huge current-account deficit and the inflation stands above twelve percent. The latest low solve the value in the lira is due to the deadlock in the talks between on Karan Washington on the release of a US pastor. Currently in house arrest in Turkey. Earlier today are Don commented, they meaning the US may have their dollars, but we have our gods..

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