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We played the Knicks last night, Jordan, you are someone who resides in New York you've been watching very closely this year ten wins. There's rumors that kristap Porzingis could be wanted by other teams when sure we'd went by other teams in extension seems imminent hasn't come yet. But I would imagine the Knicks are going to extend him. What what are you hearing around the New York area is he going to be a Nick going forward? Or will he be a future San Antonio spur? Will he become into the Western Conference to another team? What do you think's going to happen with his situation? CJ? I think the perception with porzingas is that at twenty three he is a really good in potentially great player. But it's also that maybe he isn't a true number one guy. Maybe he's not a superstar. Maybe he's a complementary piece a really. Good one, but not a Donnie Lee player, and when you have that kind of size, and you start to wonder about feet and knees, and you know, he's already had injury problems. And so I just don't know if. I don't know if he's gonna be the long term solution of superstar that New York needs. I also don't know if he's not going to be a Nick, I mean, if you really think about you know, a homegrown player. He's the best one they've had in a really long time. And so I, you know, the Spurs have been mentioned, obviously that that could be a possibility. But I don't think that's a probability based on the fact that you know, the Knicks. They have a really good young player potentially another one and knocks made me neither kina at twenty years old. Maybe Mitchell Robinson who still a teenager. But porzingas in theory should be the centerpiece of all of it. Yeah..

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