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Trans Women, Biaz Square, Forbes discussed on Marsha's Plate: Black Trans Podcast


It was straight. Men have been a Combo Ninety Day. Try to very day on the masculine of the Basque. That'd be like for all sisters it'll be like the Trade Yada Act. Straight boys are not asking. I would like the facts what I will examine. I will gladly jog. Gay from the outlying Halloween mainly like this yard not you the darker Forbes opted where today. It's so weird. Having stream like when they start communicating with somebody that they interacted airing bell present. Like this mask. This is super masculine personality. Zocalo in Biaz Square and stuff in when it gets no than they turn into the reply I understand in in. Would you consider that a form of Tax Matthew entity yes? I think that they've tried. They're trying to perform the way and create a hierarchy of what is acceptable. Some level of Homophobia in away. It's just a warped way of expressing an creating boundaries around what is respectable respectable gay. What is what is You know just a for this. They're they're Just another form of speculative but what you're more respectable if you not act like a real me you are more respectable. Is You know how to be regular 'cause that gay shit that sweet shit. Fm is not regular That's not okay that's not That's not the way. You should just irregular. May that gay suited for the birds. That Gay Shit is why we are oppressed. You don't know how to act like a main indebted at you saying they are leading into those conversations and you now is just like we're black folks like if you're ghetto you got this this ghetto ass hair. You know how to speak proper English. You Ratchet You. Lau all this stuff. That's not a good. I know that's not a good kind of black. We want you to be the refined of standing spectacle black This our respect those the ones that deserve and I'm just saying that's not my opinion but this is what they kind of get it off if you don't fit this particular esteem level of blackness than you're you're not the respectable kind of black and so gay men and Trans Women. We have a level of that too. We know how that goes in In our culture if you don't act literally security SIS gendered particularly is gender way. Did you know we see with the which the girls who you know? Kinda give a good clean by like you're not acting like a woman that's what you still acting like the gable. It and I've heard that a lot. I eat at Acadia saying what she said. You'RE NOT ACTING ALUMNI GAME BOY. It can be a Alive you the Lingo A. B. Whatever they deem as Harken back to back to your masculine side of your gable lives whatever that is they can have these boundaries in instead of is Louise's of how your womanhood supposedly after saying and I think that's what the gay men a bat tight is trying to do but most of them sailed to do it because they still use lingo because they're still a part of the culture so they're still using trae they're still using you all the language that comes with the culture. They still act. Like Queens is no different. You just dress you just may not be having rainbow closer all but you still can immediately class at your acquaintance. If I talked to you I guess it's not like you think you're acting different because you're not you know hundred child won't boom boom boom boom but you're really not you especially when you get a group together and they do you do when you win the girl that the by shaming the film like you lay it was so relate where that's just how it is if you if you can't see tacit if you can't if you're not a partisan the and then and this is the thing this is the kicker it all the groups that actor's name with gave me in the Trans Women. The black folks. There are benefits there social capita that you get when you perform this kind of respectable gay respectable trans respectable black when you when you get is. That's why they're all in the group. That's why win the dues on their in their masculine and they give the financial security because they are trying to look exactly like says straight mid they're trying to give the image of success of masculinity of H. E. Archies of all of that kind of stuff when you perform that way you get a level of social capital in in regards to who how people treat you in regards how. People Act toward you. That's why they have the benefit of passing off either. That's why they can say I don't get I. Don't get gay bashed because I know how to act in public. Yes you know how to act. You know how to stand straight and they assume that you're a straight man so they treat you with respect of a straight man. That's a privilege uniform. That's okay you know and it's not bad. I understand it but you gotta know when you're doing and I think they don't know when they're doing and their in shame of in in Bay invested in their invested in honor of hierarchy there in visited could live from like that yes. Absolutely trump just tweeted. He tweeted again. He's GonNa stop. He's GonNa put.

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