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You know just exactly what he can do out there from a passing standpoint super interesting game this weekend kind of Morbid Morbid curiosity kind of interesting but the colts could Tennessee to take on the titans and Vita has the titans minus three. Where do you stand on that in Indianapolis is in Tennessee. I was in Tennessee so effectively. It's a pick em yeah. I kinda China like Indian that game I feel like because of because of the comments a from Delaney Walker after the game the whole the the browns are who we thought they were a throwback to Danny Green. Titans might be feeling themselves a little bit. I think that I think that everything that could have went wrong for Cleveland did for you're from a pretty obvious perspective. Yeah I just think I think there's a chance that the Colson go in there and and play a dirty sort of ugly game with with this Tennessee team and kind of grind them down. Tennessee isn't exactly the flashiest team from the from you know in terms of names on offense wide. Receiving Corps isn't exactly stunning. Corey davises good. They have Adam Humphreys. They have. Aj Jay Brown from old Miss There's some decent options they're obviously Dion Lewis and Derrick Henry in the background or in the backfield when they're still always is the question of Mariota and even though he looked okay over the weekend against a little bit better of a defense we may see we may see a different a different game here the Nashville it also hurts when you have to overcome eighteen penalties. The browns committed eighteen penalties the most in a game for them since nineteen fifty one. It's a bad one yeah lack of discipline and just completely leads to everything kind of falling off the off. The rails makes you wonder the preparation in the off season and how serious this team took everything or do they just sort of get into to the media hype that pretty much anointed them you know. AFC title Partic- yeah well. I thought the Freddie Kitchens higher was a little premature. Brown's the justice weekend on Monday night Badeah has the jets plus three where you on that. Where's the game at again. It's in New York Yeah. I I think the jets the jets give them a serious game. I think they cover. I think the browns ultimately win. Maybe like a late field goal or something the jets really it depends on the health. Cj Moseley that team sort of really kind of fell apart when he had to leave the game on Sunday. I'm still not sold completely on darnold but if they can give them a healthy dose of Levian Bell. It may be interesting. Obviously you know Quincy soon while goes out for the year today for the jets so they're even more limited on offense despite getting to marry his Thomas. It's quick of a turnaround for him to be a major major your factor plus he's like I don't know seventy years old conservative. It's one of those one of those things where I don't necessarily trust the jets but it's it's Rhode. Rhode favorites don't always farewell and Primetime Games angry all right. Let's take our second break. We'll be right back. It is the best time of year it's football. Season and Yahoo has officially released their week. One daily fantasy football contests. They actually have a million dollar contest for week. One with no management fee and hundred of first place meaning more money goes back to you the players there is a ten entry Max. You're not going to be playing against people with with like one hundred one hundred and fifty lineups on the sites. They've capped it. It made it more manageable. They've increased your chances to win. Yahoo also has one hundred K. guaranteed contest contest so there's lots of prices out there.

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