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But i i think i think with ucb. It was more complicated than Backlash for a call personality. I think it was just more of a labor issue and happening. Yeah So i think it's more that but i think a lot of people. Did you now find extra Vitriol to spew. Because they'd also felt they've wasted years at the theater not getting the enlightenment and career opportunities that they promise themselves from which is exactly it is. Bs that like they would feel like the wasted years because no matter how many years i've spent you i feel like that's just with formed my comedic voice and writing and all that stuff so you and let's take a moment here. Let let's let's bring it back to the subject of actual leaders. And i just want to bring up a couple of things that i think are funny slash disturbing but mostly funny like part of the reason i love leaders is because of things like these like so for instance like shoko asahara leader of ocean. Rikio would his bath water dirty bathwater for like hundreds of dollars a bottle and his followers were drinking right. I mean just the fact that somebody can pull that off that i can give you my dirty bathwater and you think it's just like drinking it. So they they can they can mingle with the co. Mingle with the energy of the universe like well. Actually bell delfin the popular internet's ebay girl. also solter bathwater only sold it for thirty dollars a bottle So shoko she'll go is killing it. He he was getting way more money for his bath. Water and you know and you know another thing is lately. It's l. ron hubbard. What's the hilarious thing he did. Okay well when toward the end of his life when he was getting old and and he even though you're not supposed drugs in scientology was addicted all these pharmaceuticals and just a mess. He would send that he really low voice right. When you talk. Alarm ron hubbard. So he he had this council of young women that were like sixteen to twenty four and they were all like really attractive athletic. Good good looking. Women give you imagine like like like like a like a group of twenty models..

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