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Like hey it's like tim mccormack says i mean the young man he's i mean he could develop we saw it here in michigan john beeline did a great job developing him giving him confidence each and every year that he was here now the nfl's emmy excuse me it's the nba's chance i'm sorry your name every other professional sports league remain to before i got got to the nba two two of the possible i didn't say mlb sport i think you'd be doing that doesn't start with an end nhl the soccer league do i wanted to let it go so i mean come on no no not talking about soccer i would wanna talk about soccer yeah why would you wanna talk about that you were talking about that possibly manmade earthquake is that what you're saying no it is a let me say this is something else is in it is a guy inexperienced gotta be tough kids different dome you work so hard he was he was talking about so highly all your because he had such a tremendous year i'm not comparing him to bird on the celtics versus the lakers i mean i mean it's waiting for you then i'll watch it's package just like you told me.

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