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It's an off sides against rpi so neutral zone draw coming here with eighteen minutes left to go in the first period were two minutes into this one main in rpi both teams shut out yesterday so you the team has scored here in northern ireland canon people with the puk at the right point tries to go crossice on the blue line but broken up by the engineers they cleared zone bring it into the main n you'll bauer ties the poke added in the left faceoff circle against billy jerry of rpi now up in out of the zone your comes brendan robbins left wing side robbins goes crossice looking for patrick call by pass the flexed deflected by evans stoute's of rpix at the engineers up through the neutral zone they flip it into the main ends they get a line change may backup ice quickly roberts comes in rightwing side now dumpson into the right corner now the black bears will change up in that gives the engineers to chance to clear out they come back the other way victor lygren thumbs in right win sides gates down below the goal line here's mitchell bossi against the end wall deabte main zone fighting fort for york down there with him to or your comes away with it but the black bears take it away brady keeper back the other way fossey a shot top of the slot as hi hit off the wall glass stays in the rpi zone main trying to center in front again but nobody there for the black bears in lilic randomly engineers cleared out within over the york his shot high here's trail maxi gets the rebound off the glass gives it a neutral zone boissier with the now he dumped the line chance for the black bears the engine deepen their own zone they retrieve the pop a couple of ice with some steam for the neutral zone was will riley his shots blocked away rocky's back into the neutral zone engineers settled down there bring it back into the mainand leeds yes warble against the wall riley tries to do a wraparound but he's knocked off the plucked by rob michael enazi of dougherty low in the zone to try to regain control the buck doherty has now left point nice pass the neutral zone by doherty find shade trying to make movies shot tipped up in out of play.

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