Donald Trump, Israel, Dr Mahathir Mohamad discussed on Murph and Mac


And getting ready for celebrations president trump insists his still pursuing the ultimate deal here between israel and the palestinians but he's shown he's not bounced the conventional ways of doing that and so far his approached seems to have made the prospects for peace even dimmer that was our middle east correspondent your land now without special report more now on the political earthquake that has struck malaysia dr mahathir mohamad calls general election sensation on wednesday by defeating the government which has held power for sixty years the newly elected prime minister ninety two year old dr martin has said that the king is willing to grant a full pardon for his political ally on what ebrahim mr abraham was jailed three years ago on sodomy charges he argues they were politically motivated dr martier has also repeated a pledge to stand aside within two years to allow mr on to take the premiership jonathan head is our correspondent in kuala lumpur tsu will mr anwar be released soon it is the king's prerogative to give a pardon but a prime minister with this much authority with this kind of ground swell wants a pardon of course all his supporters do it was always widely believed that the charges against and what abraham politically motivated i think it'll happen soon just not as immediately perhaps dr mahathir suggesting but this is this is a long done deal when dr martin made that extraordinary defection from the ruling party i'm no wait over to the opposition two years ago he was joining a movement whose people he had persecuted and harassed and put in prison for many years there's a lot of bad blood and they've worked that out particularly with abraham.

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