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Playoff game in his career outside of atlanta and you know you get into one of these situations now where you're on the road that's part of it you talk about the fact that this team is banged up they certainly do have the weapons and i think a lot of people scratching their heads all year long about why this offense wasn't more efficient why they weren't more explosive if you take a look at the personnel if they have in the veteran players they have should they had nut jobs a little bit more offensively by now i thought they should but remember they also lost their offense coordinator from uruguay as carl shanahan and now they replace them as steve saarc is in and they just have not been on the same page just doesn't look like the same team offensively and a lot of that is due to igf injury to key players like julio jones and of course the bonte freeman they lose andy lavizzari who would be the guy that would be most responsible for handling arendal in this game that means out smack their center's going to have to do a lot of heavy lifting supporting his replacement players so i'm just telling you the erin donald is a guy who can change the game he so disruptive and that's going to be a big problem for the atlanta falcons especially on offense when they're trying to run the football so i still think the falcons our team that you have to worry about they can be explosive at a moment's notice and i also think that they have the fastest defense in the nfl and that defense has gotten better and better and better each week in the thing that it's really hard to put a finger on is whether or not the young quarterback in this case jared golf is not going to turn the football over so long as it has in turn the football over i think the ramp should win the game a couple of turnovers by this atlanta falcons defense all of a sudden that experience kicks and can this be a succeed to get all the way to the super bowl is only been done twice before since thanking seventy so if there is a team that i want to keep my on coming out of the wild card round that is a wildcard team it would be the atlanta falcons moving forward of next door breaks down sunday's afc wildcard matchup between the.

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