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For only $69. Michael and son. Traffic and weather all the age and when it breaks, good morning to rich hunter with this in the WTO traffic center. Hi, good morning, dean, if you're traveling southbound on 29 and shed south toward Maryland 200 the ICC there is a large tree down along the right side looks like you have at least a left lane if not two getting by, but just be aware you may see a little bit of a slowdown with more folks on the road here early this morning. Now we haven't talked about it much, but they've been working on the bay bridge in both directions. You're down to a single right lane each way, but so far, no big delays as a result, and beyond the bay bridge, everything looks good on 50, headed toward the bellway and land them and even inside the beltway headed toward the district. Now in the district, they've been working in both directions near bladensburg road, and you're down to a single ride land in each direction, so watch out for some slowdowns there as a result. And again, they are executing an overnight lane shift or new traffic pattern on suitland Parkway, so for now, if you're inbound on suitland park where you can go no further than first Sterling outbound traffic has to stay with south capital street. You can not get to two 95 on outbound suitland Parkway as a result of the closure. Can you follow the poster detour in each direction, keep in mind if you're on I two 95, you can not access suitland Parkway in either direction, those all frames are closed, but you do have access to south capital street, red shirt and WTO traffic. We are tracking heat and the chance of storms over the next couple of days first off the heat and a heat advisory has been issued by the national weather service for our Thursday. So storm team four and weather alert mode

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