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Slow MO. Now, the birds and the bees. Jews. Was beautiful. Watching them all going slow, but it wasn't like you would do so many movie. It was like they were all carrying something weird. Like one of them had the binder. I only watch them all in a row succession thought, what is that? What is that term? So it's so interesting. I don't know why I'd like not been drawn to it. There's certain. Yeah, racism jumped out. Sure, sure. But it's like a mix of housewives and like a low to your house, Dallas where like there was no money there. Patricia is Tennessee Williams. Villainous clinging are failing empire, and but they're sort of like a mix of these younger people to who are like Vander Pompey. So it's weird. The show with like the blend of the older and the younger people. Exactly. Like I've never seen a reality show where people partying side by side or from the ages, seventeen to seventy and all I cast z. and Tom RAV and like shut hanging. This is weird. The scene I would like for the three of us to read, divided up the party. Seeking of JD. Okay. We can all see this, but this is at the founder's ball. When IRA will be playing. Whitney, I will be playing Ashley end Elizabeth JD's wife and Daniel, you'll be playing Patricia and JD. Okay. Okay. This is Whitney upon seeing Ashley dressed up at the founders. Yes. Ava Gardner nineteen sixty eight. That's exactly what Thomas was saying. That's a compliment. Now Whitney says, Thomas squire evening. But Tricia says, you look Hangul. Her son to her son. Whitney responds. Thank you. If I do say so you look splendid as well. And now j. d. appears in a huge for thrown over his shoulders. Here's JT lists. Get this potus sided. Let's go say to the girl. What is that? I know Darlan hi, Hon. Seriously, but a little Valen. Okay. In this moment, JD does not give a fuck about the fact that Elizabeth wearing a low cut dress. He's just trying to make her better. And flatter Elizabeth says, it's the new me Mazen pink you. I lost weight. Yeah, that's what stress does to you. Now. Then JD immediately turns to Whitney and screams scab, but Halley, Quinton into that, my wife, you rational. Scene, a wild JD impression. He has that sort of like urban scratched. Boys just been like yelling at a mere looking at himself, but Likud people clean their squire. His this show is like. It is everything that rises must converge meets Tennessee. Williams beats like the Colby's, the cancelled spinoff diets. And it's just the finale to was such beautiful soap opera. So and this founders ball, it is basically like the lighting you have in a bathroom, McDonald's speaking. It was so bright in that room. That's what I said. I said it looks like a veterans haulers, some Christmas trees. None of them were decorated whenever and Rives. Decoration, the hand, the place cards of.

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