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Little cultural curation for you in our weekly reviews previews segment this week was taking a look at some independent theater festival happening this month including the public under the radar and the Brooklyn based exponential festival New York magazine's theater critic Helen Shaw will walk us through it we'll get to all of it I'm Alison Stewart and I'll meet you on the other side of the news live from NPR news in Washington I'm Lakshmi saying Congress returns this week from holiday break to continue negotiations on a looming Senate impeachment trial and we're Susan Davis reports Senate leaders are at odds over what the terms of that trial should be Senate leaders are at odds over whether to call witnesses and who to call Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell once a deal just to start the trial and see if they can find a witness agreement later even though he's made clear he has no interest in hearing from additional witnesses Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer wants a deal on the front end to hear from at least four witnesses including acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney who did not comply with the house impeachment inquiry the impasse is thrown into question when the trial will start and how long it will last speaker Pelosi has not yet transmitted the articles of impeachment to the Senate the procedural move that is required to trigger a trial Susan Davis NPR news Washington a central figure in the process former national security adviser jumbled now says he is prepared to testify in the trial if subpoenaed the European Union and NATO are dealing with fallout from the U. S. order drone strike that killed Ronnie military leader Qassem Soleimani here's teri Schultz German foreign minister Heiko Maas as the E. you should meet immediately at the level of foreign ministers to forge a unified response to the crisis in the Middle East the E. U. which brokered the Iranian nuclear deal is trying to keep Tehran within the range of reversible actions after the regime said it would no longer abide by the twenty fifteen restrictions on its uranium enrichment program teri Schultz in Brussels hi everyone sees in court in New York where he's about to stand trial on five counts of sex crimes including rape the process for jury selection is under way he has pleaded not guilty to the charges into any non consensual sex you know the former movie industry moguls charged with offenses against three women more than eighty have accused him of assaulting them widely devastating fires are now blamed in the deaths of at least twenty five people across Australia and the destruction of thousands of homes and peers Jason Beaubien reports the government is creating a new agency to help rebuild prime minister Scott Morrison says national bushfire recovery agency will provide funds to help fire ravaged communities rebuild infrastructure restore wildlife habitats and jump start businesses the government is allocating two billion Australian dollars or roughly one point four billion US dollars to the new agency it is an initial commitment and a further funds are required food the refunds will be provided the new funding is not just for the areas affected by these current fires noting that there are still months to go in Australia's traditional fire season Morrison says the money will also be available to communities hit by additional blazes that are predicted to come Jason Beaubien NPR news Sydney the Dow Jones industrial average is down seventy one points since the open a twenty eight thousand five hundred sixty three SNP's down three on the nasdaq is up six points from Washington this is NPR news this is W. NYC from New York I'm Richard hake movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is in a Manhattan courtroom today as we've been hearing a group of women who say they were abused by winds dean spoke to reporters outside the courthouse here's actor rose McGowan no matter what lies you tell yourself you did this today lady justice is staring down a super predator you the sixty seven year old is pleaded not guilty and says any sexual activity was consensual less than a week after a new criminal justice reform took effect in New York state some officials are calling for revisions to the law that eliminates cash bail for people charged with non violent crimes among those raising questions as state Attorney General Letitia James I can remember Rockefeller drug laws when we complained about the lack of judicial discretion and so here we are now again with the lack of judicial discretion and I would hope that the legislature would go back and revisit bill reform critics including Republican lawmakers say judges have had to release defendants who pose a danger but supporters of the new law call this fear mongering and say more time is needed to collect data on whether the laws both safe and fair thousands of people took the streets in a March of solidarity with the Jewish community following attacks targeting Jews in the area we should be cell was at the rally in says a diverse Jewish community can overcome differences to face a common threat the attacks have been primarily on those who are very.

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