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You could check out his fantastic work at Russ NFL. Sorry about that. I had it right in front of me. How you and Russell, I'm gonna pull your Twitter account your second. How you doing, man? There. There he is. What's going on, man? I am Well, how you guys were doing pretty good. We just got done talking to the lead singer of the Spin doctors. You remember them. Absolutely not. That's that's why I'm too young for that Z gonna say you're kind of a younger guy. Yeah. This morning. Nineties, little mister can be wrong. So more of the nineties Got two princes. Little Miss. Can't be wrong. Uh, maybe if I heard the song I'm very bad with song names. That's one thing for sure. I can tell you draft players all day long, but song names and stuff. I can't do it. That's right. Well, we have you on for NFL draft stuff. So again. Follow me on Twitter at Russ. NFL draft. Really great Follow does fantastic work with cover one dot net. Okay, let's let's talk a little bit, but we have a senior bowl coming up and, you know, obviously, I think a lot of people are still focused on the quarterbacks. Now for the senior Bowl. There's giving a few names out there. T keep an eye on Everybody talks about the guys at the top of the draft. If the Broncos were interested in a day, Tour Day, three quarterback who are names that you think they could be interested in or should be. Yeah, well, I mean, I would have loved this, said Mack Jones. I think he's played himself into the first round. But really, I mean, you have to mention Kyle Trask out of Florida just simply for the fact that his resume kind of speaks for itself. Statistically, he's there. I think he needs definitely a lot of work. Not as mobile as you would want him to be. But I think there's a lot of intrigue there with him. Outside of that. I would have to say it would be Jamie Newman out of Georgia Now, Day two might be a little rich for him. But he's got an opportunity to prove himself. Remember when he was at Wake Forest. He was very impressive on Ben. Things looked like he was going to be able to turn the corner and then he ended up transferring. And then was holding everything. He did not play this year, but I think overall, he's a really good athlete. The mobility stands out right away. He's got adequate arm strength, and with all of that, he shows leadership, everything that I've read and seen with him. He shows great leadership. So if there's any question marks there within drew lock or anything in the Denver Broncos organization as far as Quarterback playing the leadership. I think Jamie Newman would be a plus there. Now He's got to get better within his progressions, lower body mechanics and get a little crazy, But overall, I would say those would be the two guys that seem the most realistic options at this point in time. What about some things later quarterbacks and these people that we could see potentially down at the Senior Bowl. Guys like you in books. They may linger, Phillipe Frank said any of these guys did a chance to get drafted. Yeah. I mean, I think Sam actually does just simply for the fact that the guy's a bit of a game are now I don't know if you necessarily goes, you know, in a 3rd 4th or fifth round range, I would assume sixth or seventh round, but the guy's a game or he plays well within a structure. I think the mobility with him and what he brings in the red zone has a little bit of intrigue and again at 63. 2 30. Good size. Good mobility is not going to throw the ball harder than most quarterbacks in the league. But again, I think there's an intriguing skill set there so he would be another name. I think that could stand out at the Senior Bowl. This is obviously that event that allows players to stand out. So I think for saying this would be one of those events. Let's go back to the first round here because And this is early now. But I'd love to know how you split up the top corner backs because the Bronco's absolutely need to draft they might even need to bring one in free agency as well. But between Caleb Farley packed Patrick Ser tan at Alabama. And then the guy, the Clemson during Kendrick. Those seem to be kind of the consistent top three guys, at least as we sit here today, projected in the first round. A couple of those guys might even be top 10 picks. So of those three guys. How do you split them up? Who do you like the best? Yeah, well, For starters, Kendrick has declared he's going back to No. Is he okay? So I'll scratch him off my list. Yeah, that's the thing that's so many names and so many players and everything, so I get it. But for me, yeah, Patrick's shirt Tan would be the guy at the top of the list. I think I nine. That's a great landing spot for him. I think that's a reasonable spot. And he's got great length. It stands out immediately on tape really fluid, lower body, just a fluid athlete at 612 or three. I think with him he would be the pick if some of the other players may be like a Michael Parsons or or a quarterback that they're interested in. If one of those guys were gone, I think certain would make the most sense for this team and the direction that they need defensively. Again just because of the length what he can do impress man situations and just that lower body flexibility and athleticism really stands out. Aside from that. I like Caleb Barley quite a bit. I mean, the length is there. The biggest concern that I have with him is just More so I think the lower body can get a little bit slow. At times..

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