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This is march 29th and this is the bruins beat on CL and S media. Welcome into the bruins beat on sea on us media my name is Evan Marino, I hope you guys are having a great day, a great week. And this is coming out on a Tuesday. And you know what's happening? Tonight? The bruins and the Maple Leafs. The maple leaves are common in town. How do you not be excited about that? It feels like it's been forever. Kind of has been. Need the Maple Leafs back in town to spice things up a bit. Because things are too good around here. Many TV even better. But in this episode, Connor and I discussed kind of everything that's going on right now is pretty good with the bruins. Like, things are pretty good. And we got to get into why they're good. And how it came to this and kind of where they came from. And we also looked ahead to where their playoff positioning is right now, which might scare some of you. And I wouldn't blame you. It scares me. History scares you a bit where they're ranked right now, or at least where they're slotted if the playoffs began today. So that was today's episode. Really good conversation with my friend Connor as it always is. And remember this episode is always a brought to you by our good friends over at bet online. Use that promo code seal and 50 at 50% cash back off your first deposit without further ado. Here's my conversation. With Connor Ryan..

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