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Sharpie to show what you see there this doctored map of the storm's path that occurred in otherwise serious briefing in the oval office. The president is focused here on petty had you cover up on basically massaging his own ego and all of this is a split screen contrast for the two thousand nineteen air that you see right here donald trump state of mind obsessed with his own alabama err on twitter as america and other parts of the caribbean deal with this very you still serious store. That is a portrait. We want to turn now to the right side of the screen to the factual side n._b._c. Meteorologist bill cairns guides this to so many of these situations sir. What do we know well. We know that we're about to see the impacts of a hurricane. We haven't had hurricane conditioned anywhere on land since the storm left of a hamas as we have tropical storm conditions florida georgia south carolina but we haven't had hurricane conditions. There's a big difference. That's when you get the damage. That's when the trees down a lot of power outages they've had scattered stuff up to this this point but now we're starting to see the center of the storm the eye we're all the powerful winds are approaching areas right around wright's fill the wilmington area. That's what we're gonna be watching. The evening wind hundred learned ten miles per hour. That's nothing to sneeze at is still a good strong category. Two hurricane only a little bit higher and it's still a category three major so the problem. We've had all day long these outer outer bands. This has been producing numerous tornadoes visit a tornado watch. It's an eastern north carolina. Who've had eleven tornadoes significant damage done to a bunch of structures haven't heard heard of any injuries or fatalities thankfully.

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