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Own call Kermit the frog, I, I was just going to say Rolf. I was just gonna say like he's good. He's a wonderful muppet. Eleven these funny a door of talented gravelly blues voice. And then I realized, no, you know, what would it really is when he plays the piano, like I just get transported. It's just like a nice like, I don't know, it's it's another layer of artistry and complexity of the character. He can like play the piano and also the banjo. If you watched some clips, it's a mature way. Does he really play? The band was thing to banjo playing up. It's on the muppet show he. He also played the bantams excessive to me no office, you know, a mature pick for favorite muppet when you're young. When when you're young, it's gone though and you're like, I love God. So and his antics. Fired now Fosse. He's like Jackie in for the spotlight. I've had a long day and I'm tired. Can we not do this right now? Fossey. And back actually love fuzzy. Can I deal a five? There's actually another on YouTube. There's another great piano duet of Fauzi Ralph playing together and it's very good. But anyway, yeah, I always get a little like sheepish talking about the Muppets because it's like very juvenile and it's an it feels very like escapist sometimes to like just drown yourself in up, but Ralph, I just he is just a mature persons muppet. Got me thinking about Muppets now. I know I decided to just focus on one month, but in case I wanna go back to the well later next week undoing statler and then the week after that I'm gonna do. I'm breaking them up because they're different. They do have different different. Well, I guess that's it for this one. It is. So I guess we'll be back next week and have. No, those what new sort of body Mods all have done. I might get my, you know, my ears gauged or something. Maybe I'll get a third nostril added in. It's going to be a wild, won't be where you expect it. No, no, it.

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