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All it Mike's car wash official car wash of the Cincinnati Bengals a gentleman. I know a lot of people are thinking this could be a shootout. But I know both coaches aren't among the popular vote on this one is they're both trying to slow down each other's potent offense. But Dan that's going to be a challenge. No question, and you can put me down as somebody that expects it to be a shootout box based on the way both authenticity played and based on the way to defensive defenses have had their problems. We're going to get to our Bengals player that we are looking to provide a spark today is brought to you by Sav Aaron RT's. No crowd officials sauerkraut of the Cincinnati Bengals. What do you think? Well, Dan, I think there's gonna be multiple sparks. I think sparks will fly because so many guys are from the university of Georgia. So they're coming home. You know, you look at you look at Gino Atkins. You look at look at AJ green. You look at Clint Boling. You look at cordy Glenn. You look at Sean Williams. I mean, all these guys are excited excited about playing here, Drake. Her Patrick was telling us on the show on Friday. Bengals pep rally. He's got one hundred tickets. He's from near darkwa Denard is from the area. So it -lanta is this city is so Cozma politics in such a melting pot that tons of guys come here to live in the off season. Tons of got Michael Johnson went to Georgia Tech right near. So it landed becomes home the home away from home for so many NFL players. So so many guys come back here. They get family and friends in the area. They should get a big spark picket get a lot of juice from a lot of players on this. Homecoming as such we have a US president in attendance today here in Atlanta, the thirty ninth president of the United States Jimmy Carter in attendance along with his wife Rosalyn right now, they're behind the Atlanta Falcons bench moments ago. They were sitting on the end of the bench. Nobody around just kind of taking in the scene eventually falcons head coach Dan Quinn sat down and began speaking with the Carter is now the owner of the Atlanta Falcons. Arthur blank is talking to president. And MRs Carter Jimmy Carter celebrates a birthday tomorrow ninety four years..

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