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And so now I'm watching Hugh Jackson because he felt like he got a little up staged by Jarvis Landry and his profane tirade of last week's hard knocks. And now now Hughes, throw a tirade out on the practice field and then in the meeting room, but does give you know that that you, but it was a little over the in. If I'm a Cleveland Brown, I'll go back to my dorm room or over. I'm going and I'm saying, come on. You, you know, you're playing to the camera. You cleaned it up Hugh Nolan. Nolan a logo drop a lot of bombs, and I don't know. I heard a bunch. I heard a bunch, but to me, John Dorsey is trying to play to the camera with bringing in Dez because it's marquee. It's headlines. It's its box office to bring him into the camera window game Bill be bringing Bryan if you don't think you can win no game for you. Now I'm trying to win a gain on our knocks. Yeah, we hood bigger so much planning a camera with with what has transpired in that receiving unit. It's it's saying we could potentially go after Dez. Now when you bring in the Twenty-eight ranked above, why wouldn't you? Because I don't know one other, they say they're bringing in others, but I've not read one other. This conversation would be moot if Josh Gordon within camp, but because Josh Gordon isn't in camp and they don't know if and when he's coming to camp or coming during the first hard knocks last week, they said, this is John. Dorsey to Hugh or vice versa. Sooner than later, we expect him back pretty soon before the season starts. So really, you're going to risk Dez Bryant, if you really believe Josh Gordon's going to be back with you for game one. I don't know if they really believe. I don't think so. Really don't think so. I mean, because when I look at that situation, you see them moving forward even with the young rookie Antonio Calloway the way they're talking to him the way Todd heap offense coordinator is talking him Haley ta, I'm sorry, Todd Haley, Jackson, they're going up to this young man like, look, I need you to pull it together. We need to see growth, which is why they punished him by playing him just about the whole game. Yes. When I when I see that and I hear that that leads me to believe they don't really know, Josh Gordon's gonna be available. Okay. All right. I'm with you on that, but you do have Jarvis Landry and in the end, you know how I feel about death. I used to love him. I'm just done with him, and I think he's reached that point of no return more trouble than he's worth. He still believes he's Dez and I think he's just another Bryant. So are you really gonna throw him into this. Mix right now of a young team on the verge and think that he's going to take you over the top. I don't know if those quarterbacks are gonna love him. Now Baker will talk to him. Maker would try to put him in his place, but is it worth that disruption in this on the sideline in the huddle, if you don't, if you make him a backup receiver, if you throw him to ball's a game, he is not going to be happy and he's on a one year deal where if you wanna one year deal, you need production..

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