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Jessie and Jason Britain. Jesse Norman. This was a hard Thing to sort of keep together because there are so many people doing so many kinds of different things in different places. But to make it is visually compelling, let alone Hold together as a song Must have been astonishing challenge. Yeah, Yeah, Jesse created an incredible narrative arc. That's his theater back. You should talk about it. Well, because it's not all some of the images are larger and smaller. And you know you've got a chef and itjust Jesse. What was the challenge is the biggest challenge in this for you. Editing. Yeah, definitely. Um The interesting thing was, you know, we from the start, we laid just basic instrumental track in a couple of days with some very close friends and collaborators in my poop. I do, eh? Were, you know interested in helping out but he also had home recording. All right, all right, all right, and could do this at the drop of a hat. So within like, four or five days of chatting with Jason about it, we had like this basic, tracking her hands ready to send out to That many, many people, you know, some who and basically we just cast a very wide bed. But we didn't really look at the stuff until we closed the submissions because I started looking at things that they would come in. And You would see something I want to use that and then I mean, we got so much stuff that we're moving at all of it in the end with just this massive task of kind of finding all of the best gift But each of these performers gave to us on fighting for them and fitting them in and making this this really collaborative celebration and That was the goal. Just kind of use all of these wonderful talents and wonderful people and all the little unique. You know, little spices and gift that they gave us in and all of the different places that just try to make a narrative until a bit of a story, And we did. We ended up elongating the piece and we just got so much amazing stuff. Well, it's a Jesse also built built in some places, some placeholders to accomodate things that we didn't know what we were going to get right around right certain collaborators, for example, Twister Who nailed it just killed there with with a rap with the first round. And then Ryan who, if the period at the end of the sentence that pulls it all together? Yeah. I mean, these guys deliver way had we had conferences with them about the spirit of what we were going for about the the feel and the message that we're trying to send of ensemble and that we're all in this together, but On and they just They just blew us away. So you know, I mean, I I still I watched it again today. Sure, another interview, and I would sit there with a smile on my face because you go so now you have Randy Lewis. You got legends. They're like Ramsey, Lewis and Andre the Shield. Join. Continue. Julia. Julia Louis Dreyfus, and then you get superstars and George Real Barton Pine and George. When Joe maintain yah words when Comey how many people I haven't counted how many people Participating. Just think its over 75 0 admitted right and 75 video. Wow. Wow. Well, we're gonna take a little break into every every frame now that I want. It's a six minute long piece that you can hear if you just Go to YouTube. We'll put a link on to it on Ben Anderson will do it a link from this show and I will play a few minutes because it's just it's so joyous so Joyce. You know what it does, fellas. It gives me You know, I know it's the intention is to is to raise raise funds for Art Illinois Relief fund, but it also he gives me hope on a number of levels about The world today, so we'll take a commercial break. Then we'll come back with Jason Printing. Jesse Norman will play some of their So we'd home Chicago. I am like Tom Cruise. In one respect, I do my own stunts here on the show you ever slammed into the side of a building like he did not yet is always money time. Gotta go.

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