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Is funny but it isn't. be quite offensive isn't meant was offensive. If, you will know it's Her. What's important comedy? You know what I mean comedy you shouldn't care about. It's common sense general I mean I'm not going to Francis. I wouldn't use. but it's sometimes it can be funny. The woods become over the PC in my. Educated. you know sometimes. It hasn't. So it goes back like seventy. British. Survived Benny Hill mole it's actually got a sack in a state you know. It's got. A story behind that this moment in time of world series for. IRL SERIES FREE MOVE On series free. But that's the original are Cassie It's what we saw doing So it's thought it on the radio show as a ten minute Friday night at midnight. You know. During our late show Comedy Minute and it just expanded doing radio is podcast. We saw a demo podcasts we. Kept doing with the should releasing series. What because siege one in some episodes? Radio. Long like the old one. So every re recording the we found those spread. I'm when we were moving some files online. So we've just added script. May Get a bit more funnier. That's the only podcast that will free us to this day is still working together. Because I. Posted on my own unlike US set the wilder disability is To by the free of us. So last week. So with me next tomorrow's episode Disney as well but sometimes, we can stay wasting the whole the. That's it ready, and then on our facebook page we have. Communities to each of the podcasts the have pulpits should say the Dick Bachelor be they have their own groups? So anyone can toll inmet. Offer advice to people. If. That makes a good enough. So yet come listen to us and anyone is welcome. Like you solve that being said. I have to cut this off Terry yet we will get involved again and have another podcast where we can sit down and talk. Thank you for joining.

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