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They're all dead well. Most of them are dead but their sons and daughters who can tell you directly how they were threatened by threat of death if they spoke of this. And we've heard those accounts before. But i think like here's what i think you bring into focus when you bring in the thing because you have covered it so long i see so many people that are falling for the eight hip lou elza otto not the dot it was. The documents weren't classified this from this from a cia spy who's trained to lie. You know the whole thing seems fabric. I've interviewed leslie. Kane and ralph blumenthal really respect and like both of them but they're the ones who originally broke the story in the new york times and it's like how are you guys falling for this. Are you forgetting how they've lied to us for sixty years and now they're trying to draw our attention to. Oh no. it's all right now on these videos. We just discovered from a few years ago. I think we need a steady hand on the wheel there to remind us a little bit of this history and i feel like when you cover this topic you you bring that just naturally to it. thank you. I appreciate that. I'm not saying it's not important but right now especially what's happening here in ontario with Vaccine passports and and We have a charter of rights and freedoms that as robin williams used to quip regarding They had a line of the magna carta being written on an sketch. I mean we are this is it is so all consuming now. This stuff literally keeps me up at night as i say fourteen year old boys. I'm i mean we are on a knife's edge up here and so it is just it takes all of my focus and all of my energy I mean i would. I would love to go back to the days when i could. I could talk about. I call it the stuff where nobody gets hurt. And now i know with with the whole ufo et issued. There are layers there and When you talk about roswell and people being threatened obviously there is a lot of a lot at stake here but What would what. I'm talking about now on some. But but how is there not more at stake with. At then with cova et trump's that a a ten times over how is it. More important than the spirituality trans humanism Satan mystic occult thing do without wilt culture that you talk about all the time if anything. They're complete what i wanna know is. To what extent are they intertwined. Because if i try and understand cove it separately from any of that stuff. I'm lost. I'm lost because i got one guy saying this one guy saying that if i don't try and understand it inside of that context i. I can't get there right well. Maybe i'm more of a linear thinker. Right now what. I'm feeling or what i'm facing what we're facing here in ontario of the immediate threat is okay. So they're about to introduce or they did on the twenty second vaccine passport. Which means okay for now you just can't get into a restaurant and a gym of sporting event. Okay big deal. We can manage. We don't need to go to restaurants but in the next step is introducing a digital form of that passport What can they do on the back. End that to connect to pay pal to connect to your banking information. And i i see where this is going. And it's happening at like warp speed. So i have to contend with that right now and you know. That's an interesting point. How does this intersect with the whole ufo et issue in particular. How does it intersect with the evil issued..

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