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Energy no al Sattar was he's actually took a look stop what future around after we want out of Iraq with the U. S. chasing them so I think what we do well I I don't think the US needs to really be all that concerned about uranium consequences what they need to be concerned about is the kind of reporting that is going on it is giving the most distorted picture of the US interest in maintaining the democracy in your lap which is what the entire your last war was based on with getting rid of Saddam Hussein and now preventing Iraq from falling into a bring anything else and that Hezbollah militia is a direct connection to the Ayatollah Khamenei exactly John thank you have a great new year will talk to you soon by gunmen kill two people during a Sunday morning service at a church in white settlement taxes before members of the congregation fatally shot him they were permitted under a law in Texas to carry hand guns and they were there thank god to take care of the shooter more than two hundred and ten people died this year and forty one mass lanes making two thousand nineteen the deadly as year in massacres since at least the nineteen seventies the first incident happened on January nineteenth when an Oregon man hacked his infant daughter and three other family members to death with an axe forty more mass killings when four or more death occurred throughout the next eleven months from a Walmart shooting in el Paso Texas that killed twenty two to the massacre for homeless men on the streets of New York city's Chinatown in October in a moment mark Walters joins us we'll talk about the second amendment and the right to bear arms retailers including Walmart will land do not sell my info links to their websites and signage in stores starting January first allowing California shoppers to understand for the first time what personal another date of the retailers collect large U. S. retailers are rushing to comply with the new law it's called the California consumer privacy act which becomes effective at the start of twenty twenty and is one of the most significant regulations overseeing the data collection practices of U. S. companies that let shoppers opt out of allowing retailers and other companies to sell their personal data to third parties pretty good idea Romanian woman with pancreatic cancer has died after she apparently was set on fire last week during a surgical procedure surgeons at a book caress hospital had treated the sixty six year old patient with an alcohol based disinfectant using an electric scalpel that cause combustion and the patient ignited like a torch my gosh well the number of insurance claims to treat cats dogs and rabbits for mental health problems has skyrocketed owners are claiming for treatments to tackle a whole host of psychological problems for their paths including anxiety depression and obsessive compulsive disorder a kid you not some behavior modification plans of hormone treatments cost owners sometimes up to a thousand dollars a day while story we have in the news at coast to coast AM dot com archaeologists in Mexico have on the earth the remains of a huge Mayan palace that is estimated to be more than a thousand years old it's a great story mysterious snake like UFOs have been seen across eight U. S. states in two thousand nineteen with even more sightings predicted that next year videos of the bazaar craft also known as cigar shaped UFOs have flooded the internet this year and have been taken everywhere from Wyoming to New York something weird is happening in the skies what else is going on in the skies let's check in with doctor sky Stephen Kay tied Steven walked home and will give George as we say happy new year to you and all the listeners just what not about that many hours away as we continue here on new year's eve eve with George we continue with the biggest news stories of twenty nineteen of astronomy last week we talked about the black hole image of the super galaxy M. eighty seven and the supermassive black hole fifty five million light years away that's probably the number one story what about this George the spacecraft Osiris rex and it's amazing approach to the small asteroid known as venom and something that maybe the listeners are interested in to which is the object yeah story Benno's of six hundred sixteen hundred and fifty feet in diameter is actually splitting rocks out into space and only have to do to its local surface gravity like one one hundred thousand out of the.

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