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Is the night side with Dan ray on WBZ newsradio ten thirty back to the phones we go let's go to Derek in Ohio Derek you're on the ring central nice I called a line here in Boston welcome how are you everybody were so are you a Christian all I am a good show too friendly well I am a really friendly guy and I want you to know if you knew me Derek you would love me trust me on that what's the problem well okay like what's wrong with somebody a break from a third world country how many let me ask you this if I could okay how many people our legal are naturalized citizens every year in this country they have any idea what that number is Derek I would I would have to say about a hundred thousand well you pretty darn close that's a good guess one million wow okay no indication of that in addition to that let me just finish and then I'll take whatever criticism you learn okay in my opinion Derek we are a country of three hundred and twenty million people could easily double the number of legal immigrants coming into this country every year in addition to that I think we could have worker programs in this country where individuals with command to pick fruit or do whatever they do in terms of farm work they should be able to get credit so that after having command and worked and helped us for so many seasons they should have a path to citizenship anyone who comes here and is willing to serve in the U. S. military should have a path to citizenship I am very open minded to all sorts of possibilities what are not open minded to Derek is people coming into this country unannounced we don't know who they are I'm a huge proponent of legal immigration I'm opposed to illegal immigration tell me why you okay get rid of this moron we are get rid of this moron thank you very much good for you they're good for you probably our most ignorant caller of the week and I would nominate him as the most ignorant caller of the week that's that's the only argument the folks on the other side have simple as that let's go to a hotel in Ashland high Julio welcome you next to the ring central nice I called a line who will go right ahead Hey again Julie you're here okay I wasn't sure if it was truly Giulio but I will what you gave your wife the right correction that the right thing to say you surely all right pronunciation is truly a you sure yeah that that that's how you pronounce it or G. G. okay so let S. light wouldn't help me out he like with a little bit of it S. at the beginning of it no it's a J. Giulio Giulio okay look I know many people over time they Julie there's no don't you go right ahead you wield it should take first of all I would like to thank you that's being that wire what happened Oct I am the Josie's life remember Jones actually house shows you do one Josie she is doing so for five years works at the fuller middle school in Framingham is a city of fifty P. each year sheet we became a citizenship about throughout Susan Merican students all of it about two years ago Dan and I'm glad that you're referred remember when you referred me to you know Julia I remember so well this is a few years ago I'm guessing now maybe four or five years ago Juliet one Giulio Julia's wife called me and I remember the conversation at that time she had a bakery in Hopkinton our brother in Holliston am I correct correct yeah okay Josie had a day where I use it all wow time flies anyway Jos he called me and she had had a a lawyer caress a bad lawyer who had basically submitted incorrect applications on behalf not only of I assume Giulio forty five hundred customers oh my god oh my god and if I documents rule forty five hundred authority five hundred customers charging five thousand each unbelievable I do not know I do not know Julie but I don't think that guy was ever disbarred I I tried to look into it at the time but for what he did was at Navistar because the problem is Jody was one of the yacht the fourteen people I would be abused by a forty five hundred that complained about that guy yeah so if it was like a twenty people twenty families complaining about their guy he would be just charged but only for two people did that way which we get the cost is a lot of money as you know all right right in the way if you if you don't if you don't mind Julia let me just into into check for a minute I I felt so badly for Josie and I knew that she was trying to do it the right way I put her in the right way I put her in touch with legitimate immigration attorneys correct and if you remember that and so when people like the last call who was a jerk I wanted to see what I sure that I didn't care about people who are trying to do the right thing I'm so glad that you're on the line right now because your wife and you are you deserve citizenship and I'd like to think that I had a small part in helping get you on the right path we never forget about that that we tell a lot of people in the Yom of a product be out that night side that might watch tonight type watch the group that Facebook could be created yes yes we talk about we talk about you every day because your your nice guy if you care about people so this guy who is talking about you don't know what you're talking about okay buddy let's back let's go back to the to the subject if you are already going yeah so we want to show white you'll feel got like you guys feel look in now way when you when you Hey your bills in the sea the sanctuary CD protecting people that it has nothing to do with this country it brings no benefit to this country based no tax okay they kept the avalanche at the school procreate they get the the date the rides and the bus for free they get everything for free but we can't all right we can't yes it is it happens to me I'm a new shoes now guys because I'm a citizen I'm an American that very alkaline I do the right thing I don't work under the table okay it it's a very hard for us some days to make ends meet you know that you are actually I've often said and I'll say it again to you directly I so admire people like you in Josie who have come here and they're trying to do the right thing because people like me who were born here we never made a choice I I'm I was in Arkansas citizen by birth I believe that for the most part people who come here legally like you and Josie are actually your love for this country is even greater than the love the love that those of us who were fortunate enough to be born here because you picked this country we simply had the benefit of being born here we get it we love this country so much there's there's no better country in the world like America it has for its citizens people okay guys I'm telling all right off the get go because this is a nice country this is a mother this is not a country okay go back to bed if I go back home now the tank down there it's so hard for my family for my folks the all the things that are we I would like to do is bring them up here and I can't because it's not everybody America it's not it's not obligated to accept everybody that to soften somewhere else okay so there is a loss then we cannot go abroad I learned that when I got when I submitted my citizenship okay no one is above the law and these people are making this kind of trying to make this country the last American I tried to make this country you know I don't have the words to say what they try to make this country and I agree with the Donald Trump now whatever you guys he bought that listen to me right now bye I agree a hundred percent with this policy I know I'm here I don't know if I deserve to do that we did things the right way you deserve you does he did the right way and you deserve to be here let me say this Giulio as far as I'm concerned damn family reunification should be important and that you having attained American citizenship and Josie having obtained American citizenship that should put your parents because you did it the right way on the path to citizenship as well and I hope some politicians will actually take up your cause as opposed to the cause who want to turn this country into some sort of a flophouse absolutely well that's really all I I'm way past my break I love you called the call could not have been timed better from where I'm sitting plays a part in my call I love your show I wish I could listen every day well please give me a favor and give Josie hog tonight and tell it's for me okay we are doing a few minutes and that thank you very so much for everything you've done for us thank you Julie L. thank you keep listening quality type of bike thank you my friend I have a great day thanks bye bye wow six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty tell that to mayor Curtatone of Somerville let him listen to that call coming back on my side thanks.

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