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HQ in twenty eleven. That's a pretty serious development for Dr Freeman. And he's he's status at a qualified doctor. And lastly, the Andrea taffy circus looks like it's going to roll into town. He may well get his ROY empire rebate. The age of fifty two next April room is on the internet down knew that he has agreed to deal or is in the process of agreeing a deal with data with a surprising team. Yeah. Dimension data. I mean, I I'm. I'm my flabby is cost it about that. Really? I'm surprised it's a world tour team that's contemplating taking him on. Yeah. I mean he was being proposed. Whether it's just the right pirate bay with her survived rice before pirate bay whether swind fire everybody who on that team would fund C Hyderabad's, Advil, boasted, Haagen, maybe anybody else. We'll have signed reinforced at classics department haven't they with vow grin, but he's not really a pyro Baikonur ride of mall who signs the team lost someone who could go one in private, right? Reasonable team prior rain. Don't forget will say that also team. Well, all teams now can only feel seven writers in those world tour one day races. So that's another spot that rule would go to taffy. I mean, I can well imagine that someone like Andrea top even the age of fifty would probably could probably still do a reasonable job in the team. Roy was. A certain point in the rice. Maybe the first hundred fifty comes. However, I don't think that is what is on his his mind. I think he would like to be as competitive as possible. I don't forgive me for us. It's time put on what on what evidence. Do you base that because he roads a race lost here? I think in Hungary, I forget the name of the race and these custody of the race, but he was running its priorities and he finished in the Palatine. And he's a guy and. Fit X ride is in that fifties on occasion. You know, they they still can put in performances on that far away from what's happening there in the in the world tool and uncertain terrain in a flat race like pirate bay. I didn't need to be on the realm of possibility that he could be relatively competitive. But no one else he's looking at the result of that Hungarian ration- picking out potential higher by talk ten right up from the people who finishing the bunch. I mean, if they're not doing I mean, we haven't seen signs undress half. Eva team does sign anyone's gonna make anybody's about the public as publicity stunt here. We are here we are feeding publicity. Well, that's the thing is no I don't want to be. I eat your about it. Andrea taffy always had the look of an alpha. Mayo. Didn't they I mean need lose characteristic? I mean, they all are I guess it'd be you can't survive in the world tour peleton without being, you know, a competitive based that fire doesn't suddenly extinguish. After retirement, I kind of get the fifties. The new fourteen apparently is that right? I mean, you'll smoking hardly find out in a few years. I mean, forty feels like the new sixty of the moment to me, I've got to say, but I if you mentioned data rider if this rumor is true or any will tour team it doesn't reflect that well on your bringing in Andrea taffy like Wayne Rooney coming back crews England friendly this week and the current England players must be thinking. Well, hang on a minute. This guy retired from not teams who would probably be who's right is would probably be very grateful for someone to take one of those spots in pyre by Mavi, Safra example. Yeah, they sometimes I need lineup with you know, a man short don't they on Andrea, taffy speller Tuscan and good friend. I think max shandy was just doing besides the teeth. So who knows that could be a possibility. Well, they fix they speculation upon speculation. Is the largest flavor community of its kind members share their passion for the rage three rides events exclusive club kits and my saying find out more at Rafeh. Don't see see. Point very much to our headline sponsor Rafeh for their support. Still waiting for my explore jacket Lionel year on the year on the on the Luke. Licy jacket as well, aren't you? Well, if you get your explore Jack here aren't got my on the new commuter jacket to be honest..

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