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Larson. Welcome back to LARs Larson show pleasure to be with you on a first amendment Friday night tonight live from the Reagan Presidential library down here to attend attended dinner tonight of the national right to work legal foundation. And I've been getting my share phone calls about unions. Just you all understand. I've had some bad experiences with unions throughout my life. I didn't ask for him. They were forced on me. I'd get a job at show up. They'd say you're going to be joining the union, and I'd say what if I don't want to what if I want to make a choice about whether or not I joined the union, and they say, no, you don't have that choice. You have to join or you will be fired. And that is the rule in twenty three states twenty-seven states have right to work where if you go to work in a union shop, and you say I'd like to join the union or I don't want to join the union twenty-seven states. The majority of American states represent actually reflect your right to make that choice and the case of. Made while I'm not thrilled. With unions. The case I've always made for the unions being forced to work for your membership. Is that if you're in a state where they say you have to join you don't have any choice that union does not have to work very hard for you at all on the other hand, if the union has to work for you to join because you're in a right to work state, and it's up to you to decide whether you want to or not then they're gonna come to you. And they're going to say, we're going to do all kinds of things for you. Look at all the wonderful things we do for you. In other words, they have to sell you on the idea the same way any other group, and I use the NRA because it's handy. But there are meme there are groups that I'm a member of. And if I find some day that I say, this really isn't doing much for me right now, I'm paying these guys a certain amount of money every year, they send me a lot of advertising, but it really doesn't do something for me. I quit my membership in that group if the group wants to keep me as a member. They have to convince me that what they're doing. For me is worth the dollars that I pay to them that's a healthy relationship. Most of us have those kind of relationships with all kinds of people.

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