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Police say they've responded to reports of shots fired into around a subway station in london but so far they haven't located any casualties of busy oxford circus station has been closed police have told people in the area to take shelter in stores now let's get the latest from abc news police in london are standing down after a panic near a metro station people fleeing oxford circus station end the streets nearby but despite several reports police never found any evidence of shots fired abc's in panel is on the scene glow online the police off the clearing the area adjust solo i guess 45 oh thick armed officers with a machine guns adding up towards those who serve whose but their post you didn't look uh aggressive i mean i've seen that kind of situation where you're it page i'm so bureau jim there must get everyone out there it looks reasonably laidback metropolitan police jumped action as is the incident were tara but they found no evidence of any shots being fired and no casualties on the scene people in the area were told a shelter in place some trapped in stores for awhile now they're being told they can leave police are remaining in the area they say to reassure sure the public brad mielke abc news egyptian state news reports the death toll from an attack on a mosque in the volatile northern sinai peninsula has risen to two hundred thirty five people killed the attack appeared to be the latest by the area's local islamic state affiliate ending greenfield power back on of the best by near seventy six than layton after a rollover crash knocked out power to about seven hundred fifty we energies customers greenfield police say the intersections open but officers are directing traffic through there so it still slow going near seventy six and layton time for the wtmj drake associates market update the markets closed early today as part of the giving holiday the dow closed up thirty one points to twenty three thousand five fifty seven the nasdaq closed up twenty one to sixty eight eighty nine the sp 500 up five to.

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