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And it is a constant reminder to May children how beautiful and diverse Life people are right and it's. It's opening up. My husband's African American my in laws are from the south. You know and they. I'm they have that. That's their history. That's their legacy but in addition to that there you know Cuban, and they have the connection to Latin America to our language to our culture. That is rich. In in African. Values and culture and music and dance and food, and all of those things so. in that sense, yes, race was a part of it, but more so than that I wish all children again specially children black children to travel to live abroad to experience more than to see themselves in different light. You know like it's like people are everywhere. We speak every language. We're all over this world flourishing and it's. It's an empowering experience to see yourself reflected. Culturally linguistically it's everywhere everywhere. You are everywhere and And I want that from a kid, so we are in Costa, Rica, now you know before the pandemic we were set to spend you know April. All of April in Guatemala and I want them to be enriched in indigenous cultures like I. Want them to learn and to see Brown people doing everything in this world and can I know you guys are. Avid travellers and seeing her children traveling through Europe and like. I. Just want her to grab I want both of them to. To inform their identities. In a vast pool of options you know and I think that. Youth would benefit from tremendously I mean we are. We are everywhere where everywhere glorious beautiful, and we're farming and commute. Contributing to their communities and they're building schools and I don't think those stories and those images are reflected quite often in the United States. Narrative of what races! So for US moving abroad,.

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