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Live Beth Fisher, WW J NewsRadio nine fifty WWE. News time is five twelve after that report. There's a chilling record of north. The national weather service says the city of Marquette as nearly two hundred two straight days without breaking the sixty degree. Mark the observation program leader. With the weather services. Marquette bureau says the city is cold streak ended a one hundred ninety eight days on Saturday when the temperature got up to sixty five degrees that broke the old record by two days before Saturday. The last time. A Henry sixty degrees was on October the third as many local cities opt out of Michigan's recreational marijuana law. WWE J sat Clark tells us about one considering to opt in just a field township public safety director bread Kirsten heads the townships cannabis committee and says Chesterfield is serious about marijuana business. But they wanna learn more. I so Barton w Moore's junior in his cannabis legal group will address the cannabis committee tonight at six o'clock at the tester field municipal building Morris is on the board of the marijuana law section of the state bar of Michigan. The township is discussing licensing provisioning centers, grow houses and other cannabis industry. Businesses sent Clark WW NewsRadio nine fifty WW. News time is now five thirteen. Diana Ross stunned during last night's Motown, sixty Grammy celebration event took place in February in Los Angeles. But aired last night. On CBS, the seventy five year old dazzled during serenade to mocha. Motown records, founder berry Gordy w w chain news time five fourteen pistons with a last shot, I guess you could say tonight. Tony Ortiz on that and more in sports in one minute. This spring. It's out with the old and invite the awesome has in in the fastest reliable internet powered by X by which means incredible coverage, even when everyone is online. Plus, it's in with.

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