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Book here on the horse racing radio network and we are on the eve of this year's Belmont Derby invitational is now the Caesars Belmont Derby invitational and we're pleased to be joined right now by the senior vice president and chief development officer for Caesar's digital Dan Shapiro. Dan, welcome to bedding with Bobby. We're on the eve of a great race, my friend. Yeah, it's good to be back with you, Bobby. It is a great, it's a great race. When I saw the draw and saw the field, 13 horses, just a great betting race. I've always loved betting three rolls in the turf. So couldn't have asked for a better running of the inaugural Caesars Beaumont Derby. 13 horses in all have entered for the Caesars Belmont Derby invitational. It's a mile and a quarter on the inner turf, a grade one race with a purse of a $1 million on the line. Real good mix of horses that have been performing well here in North America and some horses that look very dangerous from across the pond. Yeah, that's right. Real solid mix here. I mean, I think I know the Europeans were strong last year, but I do think there are some pretty good locally based horses that are in a given tussle this year. So I really think the racing officer put together a really really great field and a really good betting race. I'm not even sure who's going to be favored in the race. Did you have somewhere that you were going to lean in this spot? Yeah, I mean, I liked it at long shots. I think, look, I think maybe the favorite is Stone Age or our nation's pride toward the outside, but a couple of couple were catching my eye in here, number three, Napoleonic war for Chad Brown, leaving Pratt, you know, coming off that effort and the pennine ridge. I think this is the kind of improving, lightly raised three year old that could be really strong in the spot. You got ten to one morning line. Side dog is another one who ran big on big on Derby day down at Churchill and it looks to be improving for Graham motion and then I'll even throw in a horse like machete coming in from France. Could be a bit of a sleeper in here. What do you do with a horse like classic causeway who of course was on The Kentucky Derby trail and actually ran in The Kentucky Derby this year showed signs of life last time out in the Ohio Derby, but is trying turf for the first time. He's bred to handle it. He's by giants causeway out of a thunder gulch mayor, but stepping into a pretty deep part of the waters. Yeah, I mean, I think he's a toss out for me. I just think it's real tough to face grade one turf horses. In your first item, the turf, yeah, he's got the breeding, but I also think it's going to be tough to go wire wire in this race, mile and a quarter. So I mean, to me, classic causeways toss out. But wouldn't it be surprised if he took some money in here? Talking with Dan Shapiro from Caesar's digital Dan, we're seeing Caesar's pop up a lot more often when it comes to horse racing these days. Obviously, they're the title sponsor of betting with Bobby presented by Caesar's race book. But when it comes to sponsoring a big race like the Belmont Derby, how is that come together? How do the sides decide on actually doing the sponsorship and what race you want to sponsor? Yes, it's a great question. So when sports betting when it looked like sports betting was going to go live this year in New York, speaking with an Ira folks, Tony and David o'rourke about working together to promote our sportsbook app in New York. And we said, hey, let's put together a great package here that includes some signage and some things on track, some emails. And then they said, well, we've got this turf triple series. This would be a great opportunity for Caesar's to be the title sponsor of it. And if you remember, going back, this is going back 25, 30 years ago. Caesar's did sponsor a race down at Atlantic City race course in the turf that was one by a lot of great horses over the years. So kind of making that connection. Going way back to Caesars and being a sponsor of world class turf racing. It kind of all just fit together and made sense. So we have these three great $1 million races to put our name on grade one race tomorrow at Oman. It's just made a lot of sense and it's a great way to get Caesar's both Caesar sportsbook and Caesar's race book exposure to horse race and betters. Both in New York and beyond. The race you're talking about at Atlantic City. I remember the Caesars international very well. I think it used to be the United Nations. In fact, it might have been the United Nations before and after. It was the Caesars international, but I remember horses like sand pit and lore and sky classic and steinlen all winning that race down in Atlantic City and you write that was one of the premier turf races not only in the country, but in the world for the time that Caesars was sponsoring it, I think, in the early to mid 90s, so it's been quite a while. We've got another great race tomorrow in that Caesars Belmont Derby invitational. Aside from that though, other exciting things going on and it seems like

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