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Know i got asked to answer to the mrs dr craft but i have to answer to myself at the end of every day. So yeah what a genuine compliment. That must have felt like you are. You are who you are didn't change you you can. You can talk to the european folks and then on an annual exam the next five minutes. That's not a lot of people possess that skill set. I don't think so. Yeah i mean. I'm certainly not one of them. So but here's but here's really. What i wanna know is like. I think that a perk of being the fearless leader of the largest veterinary medical association in the country. I feel like a perk ought to be that all chihua- was should refrain from barking at you like there should be some kind of perk like that. Think long because like no anal glands like they just slides off like it doesn't no problem you don't smell it for the next couple of hours after its maximum thing maxine. The chihuahua today was very nice to me. You didn't bark at me and we had a great appointments. So that's fantastic. that's fantastic. Did you have anything where we're a practitioner kind of reached out to you and you were just kind of like i don't say shocked but just because i think you must hear every story from every veterinarian weird stuff happens to veterinarians in practice. I mean we're working with the public. We've got animals in the mix we have other veterinarians in the mix and so i just wonder if there's anything you know. That was kind of. Wow that came out from from you know center field. What happened whoa. yeah you know. There's some. I mean. I think i think people have a view that i can fix everything. The president can just snap his fingers in and it's all good and obviously that's that's not part of it and but you get the good part is i got to hear people's concerns..

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