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It's a good thing too because the lawn guys typically have been coming in the mornings to my house because they used a leaf blower right right by the window of my studio and Everybody says you can barely even notice if i'm talking to you. Get news at all. But i'm always self-conscious and my wife just texted me. That they had just showed up and so i'm glad i'm here in the confines. Now the fire alarm or something. Go all right. We've got news. I so i got to shift gears a little bit from what i was going to talk about because this is breaking news happening right now So senator chuck schumer's aids. His staff have announced an agreement on reconciliation to get reconciliation paths and they. They've come up with ways to finance their reconciliation plan. So i i want to explain these things to you but here i got to get to the punchline of this A kristen cinema aid has now come out and said this is the actual direct quote. It's unclear what senator schumer's aid is referring to. We have seen nothing and have signed off on nothing. Ouch ouch okay. So i i want to explain to you the parts of this just so you have an idea so you'll be smarter than your neighbor on this. There are three separate conversations happening and they're all happening concur to one another. They are all connected to one another. The first conversation is reconciliation reconciliation. Actually i guess there are four conversation so but bear with me. So the first conversations reconciliation. Let me explain to you those you heard me before. I'm sorry i'll try not to bore you. We won't spend a long time on this but years ago sheets bird robert byrd from west virginia the former grand wizard of the kkk. Or whatever he was he was in the in the senate democrat of course being clansman and he announced that he they needed a way to alter the budget without the budget being held hostage to the filibuster so he devised a rule where in you could reconcile appropriations matters to a budget and that reconciliation would allow for the senate to vote without the filibuster so as long as you're passing an appropriations reconciliation. You're it's not new appropriations it conforms to a budget and the budget by the way. Can't be filibustered either. Show you're reconciling things to that budget framework.

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