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Now what extra vacation days to make up for all the time smokers get to go outside and buffer way and not work in here we go again paying amateur athletes college athletes afterward talk about the kentucky governor has come out in favour of paying college athletes is republican governor matt bevin this is another one that is always explosive though it hasn't been on the news for a while it hit the headlines again today mrs a bonecrusher when it comes to mixed opinion and on the big side of news president trump is um what what is he doing here he's talking about jumping into a trade war hello i mean we've had a year of good growth tax cuts all kinds of wonderful things that have helped america and americans now this kind of talk and this tweet and in all of his noise about you know getting into a trade war he's going to be getting into a war with his own party the republicans are the republicans are shaking in their boots with his kinda talk and i got to be honest as a trump fan uh i don't like hearing this at all i don't like area it's something that could backfire if something that could send the world into a recession it good but is the president bluffing here what's the president really doing now the president said that trade wars are good and they're easy to win i'm not the authority here but one thing for sure you know the talk of a trade war could certainly started a war within his own party now is the president trying to shake somebody up with these radical comments is he tried that the mess around with a particular country or a world leader now i know i think he's pretty passionate about these tariffs on aluminium in steal i think he's touting 25 percent for steel and a dime for you know tempus at value minium aluminum um you know the gop the conservatives always like fewer trade barriers so this is this is going to cost some problems with president his own party you saw what happened in the market yesterday when he started making all this noise right he's how it happened here the astute people you follow this stuff the dow dropped like four or five hundred points this morning in early morning trading the dow is down three hundred as.

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