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Hundred three four zero nine five. Five eight zero. Listening to. Radio on your commute home zeppelin. Couldn't afford you talk about an attitude adjustment. Our your commute just got smarter WBZ NewsRadio four forty two. We might as well do sports. And since Charlie's here he might as well. Tell us about what's going on a lot of stuff, Charlie. Yes. There is a burns. Celtics Red Sox all in action tonight Red Sox opened a three-game set in Tampa Bay and Warno Rodriguez getting the start against the RAZ Ryan Stanic manager, Alex Cora knows it's time to get some wind down there. And try to win the stairs. That's the most important thing. You know, you went to three or you sweep in and you move on, you know. Never serious. We haven't done it yet time to do it in Tampa. Some roster moves announced Dustin Pedroia and Edward Nunez placed on the ten day. Injured list right hander Erasmo Ramirez has been designated for assignment infielders Zooey. Len Michael shave and pitcher Marcus Walden have all been called up from Pawtucket Celtics, take their two games to nothing playoff series lead into Indianapolis as they take on the Pacers. It's an eight thirty tip off Bruins Maple Leafs. Meet game five of their opening round Stanley Cup playoff series that series. All not enough at two games apiece. I'm Charlie Sherman WBZ. Boston's new. Four forty three traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Hot and heavy in some spots. Today. Rob certainly is then we'll start here. Westbound on the pike is your req- leaving the city delays turning around the TV tower heavy in pockets, much of the way out to the westboro service Serey eastbound son is jammed up about seven miles getting in past the eighty four interchange in Sturbridge four hundred five both ways some reduce speeds, we had an earlier closure between route twenty two ninety seeing delays southbound though as you Ricky from before route sixty two down two to ninety. It's very busy downtown. Let's get the latest now with mile free insurance road report is certainly is free south headed for the lower. Jack is jammed back to assembly square new crash inside the southbound O'neil tunnel certainly won't help the Leverett down ramp is jammed at end headed down to Storrow drive. Storrow drive on the eastbound side backed out to mass avenue that continues up onto the Leverett upper and lower level of the Tobin bridge of the lane restriction there up in the center span the Sumner tunnels cleared out the. Ted Williams tunnel is right behind it. Kristen Eck Frei insurance rider afar. Thing. Delays ninety three north in Medford again approaching the cloverleaf. One twenty north is heavy from Burlington much the way up into lynnfield lower end. We're seeing delays from Needham edge Ricky down to ninety five both sides of that lower into ninety three or heavy getting onto twenty four the expressway south slow down to Columbia road again. From granted after the split. Northbound is slow Braintree in pots at tough again getting into the O'neil tunnel. Rob Hekla WBZ's traffic on the threes. We have some clouds around right now, we've had a few pokes sunshine. What else we've had win lots of wind. It's been windy out there, and it will continue to be windy as we head into the evening with a shower.

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