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You're listening to the Patti Vasquez show. I'm live in the AllState skyline studio. Joining me in studio. Dr John, Charles j turkeys are pharmacists expert and on the line with us representing the written tuten twelve district is Representative Sarah Feigin, Holtz, who does a lot of great work down in Springfield. And when President Trump was election in two thousand one was that now rep was two thousand sixteen. It's all blurred now. Although the one of the most interesting elements to me, not long after the election was how quickly you and a lot of legislators and people in the community came together to make sure that we're there to be a threat to Roe v. Wade, there was legislation in place to protect the state of Illinois the women here, who want to really have control over their reproductive rights. You made sure that we would not go back to the dark ages. And it seems as though other states have used this time as an opportunity to really for a lot of people. This was the end game. This is what they wanted were bills. Those have that passenger J, L Obama amongst others. What are your thoughts, when you see states like Alabama passed the heartbeat Bill? Well, I, I have a different name for the Alabama Bill. I have I call a p life begin rates bills. There's no exception for rape incest, in it, it has by if you, you, you. It's a legal to go out of state cancer Boertien. I've never quite seen a piece of legislation like this. And, you know, I think that there are about twenty cases in the pipeline. It'll be no make no mistake Addy. This is designed to go to the supreme court, and this is Bill, I after, you know what I've learned about it. You know, because of the positioning of the state circuit cetera still drafted that this is the builder helping will go beeline typically cream court, you know, so, you know, for all the people in our country, who say, oh, Roby way, ever been overturned it. And, and you see this erosion by age Bill by Bill by law Ohio, Georgia Alabama, and you know, this is a moment, and this is that Bill was signed by the governor today. You're going to start to see a lot of lawsuits filed in a co up the process report. And as you know, there are many courts have Donald Trump appointees, and we all know it Donald Trump is anti choice, and all of his picks are so I would say, you know. We really have to act Illinois, you know, when we passed house Bill forty it was an essential first step because the trigger language. Right. Right. The first thing we had to do is repeal that provision. But it was only a single position out of Illinois abortion laws nineteen seventy five, there are other restrictions pieces of the abortion. What we call the legal service in joint. It means that when teachers have in Illinois. I choice legislators eighties. Seventies and eighties ACO. You went in and went to court and they became enjoyed what they are still actually statute. And they were enjoying because they file elated will versus Wade right if we're versus Wade is overturned. All of the enjoying traditions will stand. Meaning states where they have a, the language specifies that should the supreme court overturn Roe v. Wade, the Boertien becomes automatically illegal. Those states that have not protected it. Oh, yes. Including many forms hours control. Well seems so what I think what I'm saying about our states Pacific -ly, right? That if you read the abortion act, when he did remove trigger. But there are other provisions in it. There are like spousal consent provisions there is he knows there are some elements of birth control infertility treatment diagnostic testing. Subject to. Overturn Roe is overturned right? Because they're, they're stay there enjoying. So, you know, first of all, what most listeners don't understand? Is that a lot of our, our abortion in Illinois in the criminal code? Wow. I'm not sure people really understand that this is where we are the abortion act is embedded cases. There are. There are some forms of birth control and abortion, restrictions. There are some trapped laws that is wholly enforce, would really require many clinics in Illinois close. So, so we have a reproductive, health fact, that's putting it hasn't moved out of the out of committee. I'm not sure why not on the committee. But, you know, I believe that what happened last night with. Which I'm sure you've read while you were. Will you unless can? I just was surreal. The idea that a doctor could be prosecuted. And by the way, you know, there are places where women can be investigated, if they have a miscarriage, they can be investigated for homicide because they can be questioned about illegally performing an abortion on themselves, if they haven't gone to a doctor, even if it was something I mean, because what is it one in three women have a miscarriage now they have to answer for that on top of the sorrow the tragic loss of you know what their future was? And I know that people can throw this go. Well, if you, if you don't care about an aboard a baby carry about a miscarriage baby. I understand that everyone has their sort of mental litmus test as to what's morale. What's moral? It's not. But in an individual case, you know, we can't impose it on people. Honestly, what I what I wonder too is that there have been cases you know, cases of pharmacies that have been you know, either been subject to complain in the court of public opinion or taken to court where. A woman is carrying a stillborn child, and then they take an abortive isn't, you know, or at least they're prescribed one and then they have difficulty gaining the pharmacy. Nine also wonder what this Bill has to say about that. Yeah. It depends on the state right there. Yes. Yes. I and I also think that. You know, one of the things that we should talk about maybe a little bit down the road. I'm happy to come in is come the winding. You know the. How all of these lawsuits that has happened in other states around trap, and the, the decisions in the circuits of fallen to show you that there are, like fortune active judges in the seventh circuit. That were Trump appointees that are like Garrett Brennan Scudder Saint aid, and other judges on list, who have sort of written in hostile decisions to abortion and contraceptive access rights, and that only four of the judges on the Serb, some circuit had been consistent with ro in abortion rights. So we're really at the precipice here with some of these laws, which is why I say, what happened in Alabama. Was all by designed to, you know kind of kick it up to the supreme court right into try overturn Roe. So, you know, when you strike a law in a state like we did with the trigger provision. You keep yourself out of court. You see, there was a afoul Representative to represents the Thomas more society food is coastal forty was ashamed law. She ran to court to try and overturn it. Shrinks of, you know, I, I didn't call through the, the decision I'm not aware, but when you start a provision to clear. You know, it's a law, it doesn't erase basically been wiped out and to this attorney came in to try to talk about an unfunded mandate that we've asked the state government to do something that it, you know. Doesn't have the money for it was it was Wesley straws. Everybody knew that it was just not gonna work but other provisions is rose overturned would really elevate women in jeopardy. Gator. And dr. Would really not be clear. We wouldn't have an opportunity to clarify the wall. I to what they're able to do. You know. So this is all a long protracted plot. Like trap laws now trap laws are, do you need to have a hospital within three miles or other restrictions? Right. Who are ways certain right? There are certain things like that. Let me we have a quick break here, we're talking to Representative Sarah Feigin Holtz from the fighting twelve district. We want to send a little bit about medical will expanding medical marijuana to the point where it's just recreational marijuana. More after this on seven.

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