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US air force I know We mentioned at the top of the, show I it's one of those weekends where you kind of snap your fingers from last week into. This weekend not not. Any disrespect To last week in, as far as things happening but, it seems like we kind of kicked in the shape of running out of things to talk. About we're already previewing the college football season and over the next two, nights we'll do our, part to get you the. Information you need on your division one football team we'll preview some of the things we have coming up tomorrow. Night to and, like we said the personal flavor of things I've added a. Couple of my regular guests, on my show up on Muncie. Sports station from four to five in the afternoons George Burma from the, hero bulletin who covers the. Indianapolis Colts and he told me today it's his, ninth straight training camp he'll join us, tomorrow after the full padded practice for, the Indianapolis Colts Tony Donahue from network Indiana, we mentioned that before one of my favorites coach Bob Bartolomeo from the. University of Indianapolis you know when when I was, really really just not very smart when I started that's the guy who had to take all my. Dumb questions early on So and he's been a good, sport about it and, then I'll never forget he. Sent me an Email when I graduated from you Wendy four years ago and said you always handed yourself like. Vet and I'm, like not that first year but but coach will join us. And I'm very much looking, forward to catching up with coach. And I'll actually be doing their opening game at grand Dolly state a, pair of top ten ranked. Teams in the preseason poll in division two football, will have a chance to speak with, coach Bartolomeo, tomorrow I'll coach level will, join his own show Mike Carman from the, journal courier up Wafi anche we'll talk a little Purdue football with us Impact boy went from the Pacers radio network in Indiana. Fever will stop in he's a regular guest on my show is Well Paul conjuring going to rejoin the, shell regional, sports network, that'll be a fun conversation talking high school football, and Luke Martin play by play voice for the state sycamore all of that coming up on tomorrow's show and it'll be absolutely, outstanding because those guys are going to kind of, carry us through and give. You a lot more and if you have some information, out they're going to give you, some more information and we're very. Much looking forward, to that we take, all the forty affiliates from across the state more than four forty affiliates that have our show fifty two weeks out of the year now the first year we've, been doing that and if you want more information from us and and. I I honestly you know being a part of this show for five years I've been able to see this firsthand that when I'm looking for a score in. High school football or high school basketball guesswork I go I I go to the Twitter of eighty and a sports talk so if you have not fold us on Twitter you're gonna wanna do show weeding up to. That first week of high school football, because I I can almost guarantee that if the school or a broadcaster or a coach. Or somebody in the stands is tweeted out the score of you of a game somebody behind the scenes here has tweeted it out in a. Retweets to make sure that somebody can supply to to get that information show at I n d sportstalk, you're gonna, wanna make, sure you follow us to do that that that, that's a selfless plug but I I'm not joking when I say when I look for a score it's there man it's amazing How many how many people know about what we're doing and being able to get that information across social media you can also. Like us Indiana sports talk with Bob level a what more media stuff on there and what I mean by that videos and pictures and all sorts, of, stuff if you're a high school sports fan in general eighty. And sports talk on Facebook is going to help, you accomplish that now once we get into the season we want to grind this into your, energy your hands a little bit hashtag I s t is the way to do that with any score with any video with anything in high school and we. Ask you to be interactive we ask you to be interactive because that makes it more fun for us on this side when we're reporting. Everything to you and coach is talking to the media members and the coaches and everything it makes it fun because if. He's just, talked to a. Coach and he saw on Twitter that he has, an opening, kickoff. Video from New. Palestine and Columbus east he can say you know hey I saw that video you're gonna want to check out our Twitter and coach does a great job with that so that that that's a preview. Of things to come we we will try to to get Jerry Hutchins on the show talking Indiana hoosiers football but what's interesting about Indiana Is that. Last year they were a five win football team and you kind of go into. The year and feel as though. Last year was was a little bit of a disappointment if you walk up and down the, schedule I can, pick out, a, select few here the. Michigan state game was eight point game the Marilyn game was three point spread Eleanor was very close game down the stretch ended up being a. Ten point game you lost to Purdue by seven that's what four games right there within. Ten ten points or less You know you get. One of those games you're. A bowl eligible team and I with without being inside the program without, hearing Tom? Allen speak I can almost guarantee that that is a point of emphasis in finishing. Games this year because honestly, Indiana as a school, should be competing with the Eleanor finding the why they should they. Should be competing with Maryland he Michigan, state year I need year out is, one of those teams, that is, in the top twenty, five, every so. Often and last year when they, played them they were the. Eighteenth ranked team so that's a game again do you have, an opportunity to knock off a team like that you you short we wanna do show by that's much more understandable than. Three point spread to Maryland I in a, ten point spread Illinois those games you should. Be able to find a way to take. Care of and so as a five. One team when you have those many close games you go in a you know. Tom Allen could say hey we. Were we were really close last year but close is not good Good enough and as a first year, head coach with the situation of you kind of going through a. Roller coaster type of spread you know, they've had some seasons in the past, where they've they made, a bowl, game you know the, Terry, Hafner year. From from the early two thousands, they had a chance to Be, really really exciting but then it seems, like a coaching change was always. Always on the horizon and take a couple of. Steps back and they would find we get up there and then they would change coaches again. But we're Tom Allen here I think as far as a first year, tenure it's been at, a that's a pretty good first year tenure five and seven all things considered and, I know he wants to improve upon, that this year should be an exciting. Schedule that I you will have to to to speak of they start. Off with Florida international in. Miami on the first of September which is. A Saturday and then have to back to our three. Back to. Back to back home games two against out of conference opponents Virginia who they had success against last year that is the. Following week, as we to ball state in interstate game that's, in Bloomington this year that, is also, on a Saturday at noon and then you put, your, way into big ten play With Michigan state being your first opponent in that is at memorial stadium in Bloomington so certainly four. To international games one you feel like you're going to have a great, chance great chance to, compete and then Virginia ball state in Michigan state without looking and knowing much about, Michigan state you go to in one, in that in that stretch right there. And you find a way to win the opener you have a very. Good chance of going three. In wine right at the start of the. Season so I I like without breaking down the roster You know they much smarter people than I we need to get on this show to talk about that but just looking at the way it stacks up for the. Indiana hoosiers it looks good, at the start of the year and if you go one step further to you've got Rutgers, on the road in week five, on the road but again a Rutgers team which you should, compete with so what's exciting about that you know he's looking through Notre Dame schedule and produce schedule they they all kinda go along the same trend, same with ball state that there's a good opportunity for some of these interstate division one schools. To have a real chance to. Do, some nice things right at the start of the year, so should be very exciting Brad Huber in rob con Ed or keeping me in wind tonight on network Indiana's Indiana sports talk John Herrick in our network Indiana studios providing the, scoreboard updates for you every fifteen minutes and he's. Coming up here in about four minutes should be absolutely exciting to hear what John has in store..

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