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Oba Lynn, Matt Miller is on Bloomberg TV right now, as he's coming the late some Deutsche Bank story force, it'd be back shortly to join me. But first, let me take you through the monkeys. We check the monkeys every fifteen minutes here on Bloomberg radio. And the one hundred as up by two tenths of one percent, the up six cents does that should acts up nine tenths of one percent. Stoxx six hundred. So the broiled measure of European stock performance up by six tenths of one percent this morning. It seems that the fed did manage to lights, a fire runs a global equities, and that looks set to continue US feature point higher by seven tenths of one percent on S and P. E mini peaches, and the Dow down the NASDAQ futures, also pointing higher in NASDAQ futures up by mold the one percents right now. Oil prices, also high, oh, and there's a number of reasons for this one is the general growth expectations, as we have a more dovish fed the luxury of central banks globally seems to be a positive story this morning, very much. And we see oil prices high as a result by two point seven percents on WTI up by two point four percent. Brent adding to that dwindling stockpiles and the announcement that the Iranians say they shut down an American drone that he's also a adding to output momentum for oil prices. We also saw some buying a Shelton. Treasuries and indeed buying ten year treasuries on the back at the fed announcement. And so as a result, we saw those yields going low of the yield on the US tenure dropped below two percent, but I should say actually moved back above that levels holds around the two percent level right now the yield on the US two year one point seven two percent weakness in the dollar. A definite feature of the post fed monkey we action, so the dollar index by four tenths of one percent in just this morning session, and that he's quite a substantial move. The euro is stronger, the euro up by six cents of one percent at one twelve Ninety-three as. So often we saw the announcement this week. Of course, the year I was weak President Trump didn't like that very much. And we see that the euro is now stronger after we had from the fed the pound is also stronger out by seven tenths of one percent has multi with a weak dollar than UK domestic politics as a quick introduction to where we are on the market right now. Talking of UK politics. Let's get to the Tory leadership debates Boris Johnson says even further ahead of his rifles in the contest to become the UK's next prime minister on Wednesday. He's pitching clues tax cuts spending increases, and insistence that a no deal. Brexit remain an option battling to join Boras on the ballots goes to one hundred and sixty thousand cross where it's totally Ponzi men biz later on this month at from this evening. In fact, foreign secretary Jeremy hunt environment secretary Michael and home secretary, Socheat Javid. I'm pleased to say joining us here in this studio to take us through the details. UK government report test, you at Biggs, Stewart give more. It was interesting to see this boys, don't say far ahead now that he's result was exactly the same as the of the three who remained in the context together wasn't. It's all the sorry in the contest at the time addict together. So if Boris is the runaway favorite, at this point, I guess, the Buckley's now who runs alongside him when this policy members very much. So Boris Johnson is basically a shoo in at this point to be the first name on that final about it. And then you've got the three names, he would present very different challenges to Johnson. Michael gave in particular. Famously derail Johnson's leadership bathing in twenty-six of. You know, the two of them having a month to battle it out for the for the final victory is, has a lot of commentators quite interested. But obviously hunt Jeremy hunt phone secretary. Jimmy hunt is currently in second place and I'm secretary Saaji not giving up. Yes. Indeed, to sort of move a clean boy, Amy Joyce advise, you might say competitive Boris. Johnson says he Javed's I swore him Twitter posting at less than a ba- written to him by his by his one of his children saying, how proud they are affect fall family values coming through strongly hair all these things master in Tory, leadership actions Ovalles's talking of elections, though, they reach this tool that we could see an early in action. I mean, where enough is this coming from given how badly the early election idea went for Theresa May last time around this is a Bloomberg from Bloomberg last night. That members of Johnson's campaign team have been. Looking at how a, a general election would play out and what the prospects of Johnson as prime minister, what prospects heat have securing a majority in parliament that seen, as you know, the key to sort of unlocking the Brexit process, the, the risk of the moment facing all of these candidates for the leadership is that the parliamentary math itself hasn't been altered by what's been going, you know, this campaign, and therefore the risk is high that you end up reaching Taiba, which is the new deadline for Brexit with the inability to sort of come to a deal get a deal through parliament, all parliament blocking any effort to leave without leave the opinion without deal an election, very, very high risk, given the way the conservative party is polling at the moment, but election seen as a possible way to change the arithmetic in parliament, the story to it. Thank you very much Lynton Crosby. Of course, he's advised the, the conservative policy many times in the past. That's all he was talking about this. And he thinks the way that things have changed 2017 as the Jeremy cooling, wasn't seen as a real credible. Contender alita? Then and maybe now he and maybe that changes the dynamics thank you very much feel an this morning. UK government reporter Stuart bigs with us. Let's get an update on global news now. He's been Aaron's. Good morning, Anna tensions, amounting in the Middle East has Ron says it shall down a US spy drain, and it says face, but the situation is still uncertain and FOX news. Reporters tweeted navy drone we'll show down over the strait of homos in international airspace. This missile strike by rebels. They've nineteen Saudi Arabia president. She has landed in North Korea for a historic trip to pay on young mix candidate, says a meeting comes says US tubes with both China and North Korea stumble, it also case, a renewed commodity between the two neighbors and sense. Donald Trump, a message about Beijing's broader influence ahead of trade talks with she at the g twenty summit in Japan for Kim Un, it's another chance to show his options beyond a third meeting with Trump after their last summit collapsed. In Hong Kong. Karen Lee, Bloomberg daybreak Europe for the first time in the European Union's history, the jobs of income-tested own at once being bugs Maria today says we owe back for Mojo, strating Z you leaders figure out he will get won't in the European Commission. Now, there are a number of competing interests and particular when you look at the French and the German government, but the head of the European Council, Donald tusk is often mystic that a compromise will be found having set that there is already speculation that an emergency summit may be needed by the end of next week to break the deadlock in Brussels, Maria today, Bloomberg daybreak Europe, President Putin, hoses annual direct line cooling show. With Odin reversions today, believe X Antony, helping says this comes amid a simmering discontent. The live televised show.

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