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I could see that he does does things entire thing just being like I need to be a sex symbol if this well he I mean we'll get to it but busting doesn't think that's the entire reason for that line justify justify the sexy voice I could talk for an hour about that one line and how it makes no sense in any there okay. We'll get there and we'll take the hour. Yeah you said goal is to stay back there so it goes on to do that. Should that so halloween. It's so so Halloween it's it's. It's sounds like the feeling of Frankenstein Waking Up Yeah Franken was now. No Frankenstein is like the sexiest man alive yeah I Frankenstein. What's that movie. Sorry Oh yeah Harry. Nadkarni Frankie's come out as Frankenstein on our show. Yeah I Frankenstein. I go back to my natural. Sorry you said it's sexy Frankenstein. That's Aaron Eckhart Optima. ATM Machine you say Frankenstein I mean is this monster though what the highest monsters yeah okay. Let's say let's cheer. Frankenstein's the hottest monster now cheer if you think it's Dracula. I don't know to me which do not a pretty close to me yeah. There's one person is just like man. No you pull for Wolfman off man we would go teen wolf and Teen Wolf would win a t one more odd one more one more okay. You're right the creature for water. Oh No I'm not even sure it was was intelligent. GotTa eggs intelligence. Was it April level. Take it from me. You don't have to be intelligence. MAKE SOMEBODY COM Tom. I'm just saying my whole problem with that movie was. I wasn't sure if she's just sleeping with like the equivalent. She ate a cat and two seasons later. She's like I'm taking off my robe. Yeah they had a great relationship with thing was not hot. No Mike this is where we stand on different sides the spectrum I'm so sorry but it had apps so supposed to nine pack or some. Shit twenty-five got as many packs. Is it always an odd number. Why you make your own. You just make a Franken. It's whatever you want it to be. Now we have to rank the frankensteins end's okay so let's start with a Herman Munster. Oh that's a great one great drinks and he's Funny Funny Russell. Sorry I'm sorry what were you saying. Bella Bella Russi Bela Lugosi the APP. That's one that's not as hot now. That was I- ORCs Yeah Boris Karloff thank you. He's good awesome Robert Deniro bring. It's he did from that. Shelly's ring yeah yeah that was Danny. Niro never finished watching it. I'd never started. You know who else okay. I think we can move on now. I had to just get that on my sister and we haven't talked too much about the ghost but I love the way he says it because it's like it's like a Sassy. I'm afraid of no ghost like it's that little girl the Vine fucking shit you hope you're talking about. No one knows you're talking about fine kills the she kills her doll. It's her teacher. That person knows what's the quote from that fine. Take your fucking fucking. I go there the chief fucking dead wow but you're right. He says it in a way that clearly implies he is afraid of the almost like he's afraid of one specific goes and trying to I'm not afraid no coast. There's not one ghost. I'm afraid of when you read a break up. Album your specific ex. I'm saying non love that man. I heard something that I think I said I don't know who was but in the original demo he sent that background vocal and they're like that has to be the lead we we love your Detroit style of singing Detroit putting a car together and came right what what makes it that sound Detroit from Detroit right. He's like I have a feeling he was trying to Kodaly..

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