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Information online for everyone to see. There's no Doc Sting here. It all Solan says. Oh, belts, is misinterpreting his post and says he simply wants to give back the badge. That's his press pass he wore on the outside of his garment. That anybody has view. I did him a favor by picking it up. Oh, belt, says Solan is unfairly lumping him in with all the protesters, even though he's an independent journalist. The Office of Police Accountability is now investigating mounting complaints about Solans Twitter post. That's Cosmo's Jonathan Chou. Today, Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a court motion to try to stop US PS changes that he says threatened critical mail delivery, especially election ballots. Come was Preston Phillips has details. The preliminary injunction seeks to force the Postal Service to treat all election male is first class mail and aims to stop the policy where trucks are required to leave on time. Even if there's still male toe load Now. The motion also seeks to require the restart of any mail sorting machines removed from service. The action comes after written testimony and documents submitted yesterday. Show US PS removed 711 mail sorting machines from postal facilities. That's roughly double the machines. The agency typically removes in a given year. Judge plans to hear Ferguson's motion on September 17th. And that's come most. Preston Phillips six months into the cove in 19 pandemic food, big providers warned that they haven't turned the corner yet. Hunger getting worse comas Keith Eldridge reports on efforts to help prevent families from going hungry. Last year, Just more than one million people visited food banks in our state wasn't covered 19 pandemic, That number has doubled to 2.2 million. And it's expected to get worse. We know that the number of people facing hunger has doubles since the beginning of the pandemic. We've likely not setting the worse yet. We expect that by the end of this year, potentially one in five Washingtonians could be facing hunger. Wait. We haven't really turned a corner either on the virus or the economic recovery. We're not near that at this point, and so we anticipate seeing elevated need across the emergency food system. For months, if not years to come now the big challenges storage facilities and delivering the boxes and taking it out two cars. That's comas. Keith Eldridge. Come on news time. 6.

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