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Week reboot and thanks to the Anthony Luhan from the pitmasters podcast, I bring back the director of technology at Lyon Energy Steve Shades of to show and to talk solar energy and how it could benefit you the backyard cook as well as you the competition cook and we're doing it from the pit master podcast in the Great City of Utah. So we raised to the hotline and welcome back. Steve. Steve Harvey Pal. Great. Greg. Thanks for having me back. Guess what Audio's great? No doubt. Anthony and I only for seventeen hours yesterday to make sure that the audio was good. So let's go ahead and run it right back from beginning little background you personally professionally, and then we'll build into the line energy stuff. Sure so My background is in electrical engineering degree huge barbecue enthusiasts, of course that doesn't hurt. I've been at Lyon energy now for. Seven years. And about the last four is the director of technology. And We make portable power. You know power storage is really what we're all about ad. In this case, the product we're talking about is portable. and. It has a great. Impact a great. Application when it comes to outdoor grilling, right because now these grills smokers, they need power to run, and that's what we're interested in providing people. Wherever. That may be. Director of technology sounds like a very important capacity with the company. Are you driving the technological vision of the company trying to push the envelope as it were? Part of it I was working primarily an engineering before which had a lot more impact on the individual products Now my focus is more on. The software that we use to run our business and on the website and. Everything that goes along with that. So You know our digital presence I guess. Is a lot about what I do but. During the time that the Safari Lt, which is the product we're talking about the moment was being created I. Did have a pretty large impact on that product the time Steve's Jay's joining me here on the show lion energy dot com, the website. So do you have a quick thumbnail background of how lion energy came to be and how it got off the ground? Yes Oh originally. Originally we had more focus in emergency preparedness and we focused more on doing whole sale and we focused on. You know we were selling to we were making price for other companies and putting their name on it. For several years and So in the past few years with you know at least five years of experience. During, the time I had been here we started going more direct to consumer and started to push more of the line energy brand instead of making products for other companies and so That's been going really well for us and this barbecue market has really been a big part of that as well, which is always a market that I'm happy support. Is there a good margin in or is there? Is there a better margin going direct to consumer versus private label? Typically in the market people would say, yes. Really we just want to be able to have a positive impact as a company and have people know that it's line energy? Building a brand, US is not so much about going direct to consumer and having a better margin It's more about having people know that there's a company out there that's got back and it's going to provide good products and good service and being able to be recognized as that company. And just be powering a lot of pellet smokers. Successfully let's talk about some items that you are offering. The consumers were obviously going to be talking about the far as lt but what else have in the portfolio? So. At like I said we focus on power storage and we try to cover the whole spectrum from very small all the way up to a very large so. If you go to our website, you'll see that we have products ranging from power banks. All. The way up to Y- batteries that people can use in their RV's We also do whole home storage, right. So you could you know the converters in the battery backups that people use for off grid homes and cabins and things like that. Are also available. Right now are lithium batteries are also very popular. Like I was saying for those typically used as replacements for our or they're used. Like for trolling motors and boats the Safari Lt has gained a lot of. Traction in the barbecue community because it's lights ten pounds, it's has the.

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