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Maybe on the problem here. Actually, I'm just I'm just I'm just a boring business person now. And like so like, I'm like, ooh ident- going into the application because of but precious precious workflow, I don't know. Well, I was going to agree with you that you have articulated something which I hadn't really thought about, but I do feel myself. But now that you have framed it in terms of oh, the problem is with you because you're just a boring business person. Now, I do not wish to agree and put myself into that frame. So I'm going to slowly Barrett. Exciting this person. Right. Yes. Very exciting. Well, that's good. Because now you're telling me, it's not me. So that's great. So this this is just it's just been a little quiet this year. I think I think so too. All right, Mike, let's get started. The first category is productivity. Now. I think the people probably know Ryan with productivity apps. But I wanna know because it always feels like like a real problem for you. Where are you with to do apps? Where have you landed at the end of this year? All right. I'm still for the majority of my tasks and just my daily work stuff it still into just. Okay. All right. And to do is to do this is fine. And I like it, and it's it's you know, it's doing this job. And they've got some interesting stuff. They're working on like, I saw this tweet go by the day that they're going to add a new feature next year, which can turn your projects into cards in like a campaign system. Okay. That's interesting, and you can choose either view, and I was like okay to do. Then like this is an application where like again to do issed suffers from the cross platform thing right in which to do kind of looks like. A web app or some like, it has no real platform design. It just looks like to introduce looks the same on my MAC on my iphone on the web, and my pixel is just too. I rightly so it doesn't really have exciting stuff. But they are. Adding some interesting features like they just added a in the date picker the ability to to win you're sending Petoskey. Choose fixed a flaw in time zone. And they recently overhauled the date picker made it better in some ways was in others. But like good, right? Like, I'm happy with the way that that kind of stuff is going right now. So my show that like wall style have kept an eye on me focus and have a task that attest task that pops up every time, I return home because of that because of the location stuff that I've been playing around with and I plan to look at it. But I'm also like to do is is doing the job for me. The what I'm using in how undoing and I thought about like, you know, there are these interesting things, I do only focused, and it's just like a slightly different design and that customize ability when it comes to the contacts and stuff like that. And you know, I have some gotta talk about yearly themes next episode. We'll talk about that later on. But as I'm thinking about some changes to the way that I want my business next year. I might want some different views into stuff, but to do is working. Me right now. But it's not the only two that I use obviously, obviously I use things for for one project. Oh interesting, which is this show. What? Whoa. Okay. This is news to me. What I I mean. I'm not gonna lie. It kind of makes me happy to know that cortex requires an entirely separates it manager for you. Mike. Okay. Can you can you explain how and why? Okay. So I have a shortcut to trigge whenever this show, begins editing. Okay. That puts into things a selection of tasks under headings, which I really liked the things as with time set to them and all that kind of stuff the posting process for cortex is significantly more complicated than the posting process. Any?.

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