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The men's department is all together everything i or right by the exit and so we managed to put everything together for you there but when you go to travel with stephanie abrams like the men's department in a department store you will find contact castle there immediately for you apart entry yeah i really thought when we were together and if you just joined us we're talking with stephanie as director of sales and marketing here castle in dublin i really thought that qantar should be the first place we visited and because of its location convenient in your the closest to dublin city centre we are that you can say in an authentic experience is lately and it is with apoptosis on the book at lewes castle stay at some most and as he start as well you know either i couple of nights were chill start little bit either the to be removed from the hustle and bustle yet they're suppose stop at the end of the catholic gates with a service every ten minutes on it takes ten minutes to get time but you have this amazing castle retreat to enjoy before and after now we've never relax generally speaking see the two things in terms of using the castle is a face visits when we have gone to do something or meet friends in dublin city centre we've taken taxis or somebody's picked the shore and we bought the car here when we wanted to go to power cord falls to the law even taking a longer drive or going into weeklong to the and kill their horsey area going to the national spring little baby and the japanese tea garden in there and even a longer trip for days you can easily the way to waterford or to new ross to the and brody famine ship you're on the outskirts you're not starting out in dead center of all the traffic downtown for sure and gives you an opportunity just hop on a road and keep going and the tremendous advantage it is without a tight like we're very close to the fifty the main motorways on our own area is right beside the beginning of the north county coastal route so speaking of the fifty i think we have a toll we need to pay yes i want to remind you.

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