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It and i've i've seen uh i mean everything seen hummy over a veto overrides the budget of icu my career maybe two or three maybe maybe lie i want to say two or three could be less at least two if not three maybe more i don't know but sheet a couple specifically under control administration where you had the know republican governor say no veto the budget and then they said screw jurgen override it and he override the budget and you come back and in the voted again happens anyway i want to say to at least two of the twotimes times maybe just villages beadle rides general so it's not unheard of so the general said the government is likely the general assembly does she have a lineitem veto no governor does so she's got either go ahead and sign it if you get the majority of what she thinks is okay of the state she goes had signs it if not then she just you shall be though at nagoya back in the right thing anyway so you really are creating this budget i used to happen a water to governor could cheery where if it's the speaker that had the times bill murphy most of it and bill murphy would say will take the budget take all the bad things blanca cheery for the bad things that were the budget people didn't like it all of the heart cutting stuff all the governor's bow to the governor's proposal to cut this was a very unpopular but will your we had to do it um and then all the other things that people like they took credit for we did this because they're the arbiters what gets past what does so of on the governor's state of rhode island this is what i do i come out with ridiculous budget if i'm if i'm a conservative reformer republicans have governor i come out with a this is the way the governor is the way the budget should be this is a this is a conservative were cutting this stuff would you and we gotta do about and then throw it to the generals because they're going to do whatever they want and it's kind of i think gina raimondo did she balance the budget by hopes and dreams let's hope the gia the.

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