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They read get back out to the fall camp. I'm ready to roll with them. So i'm just patiently wait on august to get here. Well let's start at the quarterback position and we know bryce young is the expected Winner of that competition. Give us give us the details. Well bryce a really good spring paul as we all saw that in the day game over three hundred yards passing with one touchdown took command of the huddle in terms of his leadership and being more so up of boko guy in that room. He's kind of got that she'll cal- california swag to him which means he doesn't get serious too often going. He does get areas when he recognizes that. No play playtime is over. It's time to get the work. He has the ability to turn that serious button on there and the players are well under saying. Hey no black the series. He's about these play on the field. He's about this office. He's about winning. Let's get down to business. Let's get to work so really excited to see what she can be able to do. On the field in terms of of the play making memories and also just the marriage of she and ben o'brien together as offense coordinator and quarterback convivial bryant football in situations where the young man from california can make those plays as he tries to become the fifth player to be a first year starting quarterback in taking on obama to a national championship. I know there was no at one time. You thought there could be some legitimate competition There may be competition for the second position though. Break that down right now. The number two guy never took out a me is definitely paul. Tyson jalen mill row has another obama. Don't get me wrong. Very good runner up to throw the ball. Of course saving them. O'brien or shrine to get him to be a more. Polished pass with a football belied our number. Two paul types bennett gear now. Going on here stored season really nice the size on him at six five a little over two hundred thirty pounds now. He's berry berry very good onto his game. I had to go back and you watch the spring game. People look at well. Paul into the things that blacks the but you have to take paul spring game in in the context due to tyson type and a second team all offensive. Line patchwork group no guys. You know selfish. Some drop passes there. Penalties happened on the field. But you still saw type of bit the ball and the windows show berry strong accuracy whether he was throwing the ball to asia hall of a true freshman receiver chase mclemore at running back. Just dumping the ball down and stretching the ball out to a number of different targets. He's got the size. He's got the ability to process so much information out there on the field and he's got the ability to not just be accurate but shoot the ball out. There was well. I think tyson's the number two guy let's move on We know what has departed from a wide receiver standpoint. But what's What's occurred crop look like well. I'd never number one guys. Is john michie paul. And he steps into a situation where julio jones maury kuprin calvin ridley and guys like that before him have had which is being the number one guy in that room and he's got the tall task of leading this group of receivers and building that chemistry or working. That chemistry with sean now matching last year. How explosive plays fifty five touches for nine hundred yards and fix touchdown. So he's the number one guy behind him jameson. Williams transport from ohio state has come in here paul. He's turned it up and seven on standard. He's turned up and some workouts. The the coaching staff at teammates around him around here in this program very impressed by that young man. He's had he's got experience from the buckeye. Of course he had touchdown catch there while justin feels and the semi final game against clemson at the buckeyes taking that match. Forty nine to twenty eight so definitely. Keep your eyes on jameson williams. But the number three guys. It's to be very interesting because right now. Slave boden's dot experience and he was starting to step up to the never portion of last season. I really nice lady voted. But you also have some young guy when you look at We looking a choice. On hold in jabbar's baker a value jones bail and he shot hall a christian leary. Joe joe or just a lot of young guys in their badmin- whip sleigh bowed third spot. He's kinda he's kinda maintained his only right now but. If i'm looking at this room god john met you absolutely. No mwana jameson williams. Two and number. Three slave bowed and trying to trying to battle off some young guy talking to stephen smith from touchdown alabama stephen. Let's let's talk about newer players impact freshman people that that maybe only the insiders know about but the average fan doesn't who who's going to shine this fall as far as the new impact players go number one i gotta go right that wa receive a room asia hall in the spring game but gave me kind of glimpses of julio jones and i'm not huge plays about their but hall at six three. The one hundred ninety five pounds from south florida. This got big rangy at thematic. Huge catch radius made a loud contested catches. Big speed got stiff onto them. And i remember when I'll cook her extreme. Joey gone away. We're both on the on the field coach. They been no saving talked about it. This guy right here halls. Seventeen keep your eyes on his kids. Were trying to get him the ball as much as possible along with him. I look at another freshman and joe earl at wide receiver. Who came into summer just fast. Quick twitchy quick twitch explosive athletes. When i watch him play he's kind of james oiseaux two point. Oh and and stuff you put this. Young man on special teams kickoff return. Apartments aren't he's gonna make a lot of magic happy for you on that side of the ball another aspect of the game and not to lose the chairman. Why don't you gotta have a joe joe earl on the field and in the aspect there. Another guy got charge to the offense of lies..

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