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Back into it. The truth at the quarterback position for the twenty twenty season always a lot of fun to walk through this. I hope everybody enjoyed the tuesday episode. We went over the top eight quarterbacks at the position and a reminder all of the data reusing that's four point passing touchdown data and we look at consistency at the quarterback position in the reality of what these players did for your fantasy team on a week to week basis not just the end of season rankings gray games we classify those is more than twenty six fantasy points. Good games more than twenty fantasy points and bus games fewer than fifteen fantasy points. And we don't hold the miss games against them when we look at it. So jason you're alluding to the fact that the industry is getting a little sharper about identifying breakouts at the quarterback position. Yeah if you look at adp over the last several years. I think this year was more solid as far as people finishing at her about where they're being drafted the big outliers. This year josh allen one of our breakouts finished eight spots above his average draft position. Aaron rodgers nine spots above And ryan tannehill a player that we talk. We actually talked about these guys on last year's Truth about quarterbacks show to these are the type of players cuyler. Aaron rodgers and tannahill that. We're gonna be talking about today. The people who maybe didn't finish as the top guys but have a chance to do that next year based on what the real truth about them is. yes in. Tuesday's show had josh allen. Kyla murray aaron rodgers patrick mahomes to shawn watson russell wilson ryan tannehill and tom brady will kick off. Today's days With herbert so His consistency rank ended up at sat six and his fantasy finish was ninth. And i think herbert will be somebody in twenty twenty one He finished the year. Forty three hundred yards thirty one touchdowns. Ten interceptions super impressive. Danson say on. He will be somebody that you're going to have to plant your flag on though It with regards to what you believe about. Justin herbert sixty seven percent of the time. He gave you a good game bus. It only thirteen percent of the time had the big time week winning performances. Thirty three percent of the time great Had number one overall finishes number two finishes yet look weak four through eleven it was a was spectacular if you had just herber and you had the confidence to play him early in that run because it was really really good the back half of the year the you know not the same numbers and so you're gonna have to plant your flag on what you believe about him in two thousand twenty one. He's interesting to me because quarterback nine you know. This sensational rookie breakout. But he feels like a quarterback that's gonna be available near the double digit rounds to me. You guys might disagree with me. But like you know allen murray we already went through the you know the these names of of of guaranteed six or seven guys. That will go ahead of herbert and jason's right. The you know the fantasy football community is becoming wiser to the actual value of a single of a quarterback in single quarterback leagues. That's what we're talking about. We're not talking about two quarterback superplex leagues so. I think that herbert still will will drop in the draft to a spot where the you may have to plant a flag but they might not have to be a monolith. flag might might just have to. You know just a little pop out flag where you're like. Yeah herbert's my guile ride with him for a few weeks. Yeah i think you're gonna. I lean more on you know what towards the side of the andes alluding to i think come draft season. There will be someone in every league that you're in who believes just in herber will take a step forward from the best rookie quarterback season we've ever seen and he will be this next year's breakout even though he was already so good this season and so i think people will end up taking him early. I'm a little hesitant on Believing that he takes a step forward next year. He's amazing he. He blew everyone's expectations out of the water. I wish we had more of a rushing baseline because for fantasy. When you look at the top quarterback or they they rushed the ball and you look at the first half of the season when he was had the consistency rank of quarterback four. He was on pace for almost four hundred rushing yards but as he got You know his feet under him a better. Understanding of the offense got more comfortable became the leader of this team. He started throwing more rushing less his last eight games. he was on a sixteen game. Phase of one hundred thirty six rushing yards. And that's so. I think coming to this second season one. We don't know who is office. Coordinator is going to be used. It could be the same one they have not released their existing office coordinator But they are still doing interviews so they wanted to interview the guy from the rams but that was blocked. Show mcvay said to kim. Matombo over here you may. You may not interview. So yeah. I mean i. I don't project i mean. He had forty three hundred yards. Thirty one touchdowns senator deceptions. Do you project them to have much more than that. Just because he's going into year two. Probably not i will say this. You can make the reason. I believe what you're saying. Jason about the case both directions were somebody in your lee believes in him some. Somebody doesn't look one of the arguments for him as he played against the the worst offense with the worst offensive line in football according to pro football focus is recent interview offensive line rankings. I will say that some of that scrambling had to do he. Didn't he didn't have a stable running back situation until late in the years. Well that was also something that you could kind of craft the narrative both directions with austin ekeler's accurate in the passing game and that inflating his numbers and moving the offense or the fact that he had to drive the ball down the field as much as he did. He was so impressive. He set the rookie record in passing touchdowns completion rate. This was a player that you could just see the arm talent on an unlikely josh allen rookie season where the talent was hundred percent on display. But then the completion percentage was basement level. You had a sixty six percent pastor this year and justin herbert. I think go above players like brady next year. Who finished ahead of him but yet are older. But i just don't know how high he can go. Hi how he can go in. My confidence and justin herbert is. He hasn't number one wide receiver. That guy's not going anywhere and keen on his number one. Running backs is an elite. Pass catching running back. Like andy said. And what if what if the offensive line gets improved and you look at his his splits. There's there's no artificial pump and dump happening to herbert's numbers against top. Sixteen against bottom sixteen defenses twenty five points at home on the road very close a note. No massive home Home advantage so those. Those numbers had me believing in justin herbert he. He's great. he's elite. You watch some of the passes that he completes. There's just nothing you can do. The defense plays perfect defense there in his face and they're on the wide receiver and he just lays it right where it needs to be so going into your to. He will step forward. I think he'll be a better quarterback next year. Then he was this year but i think he'll be a worse quarterback for fantasy next year then he will be this year one of the things. One of the big storylines early in the season was the decimation of one of what looked to be one of the best defense in the league. They just lost all of their stars and this is a team that had to throw to catch up every single game. They're losing these crazy last-second possession type games. I don't expect that to happen next year. I think they're going to be able to control the clock a little bit better not have to be in shootouts in highschool employers. I probably if people are high on justin herbert next year i will probably sadly not have them even though i believe he is phenomenal. Yeah i think the truth of justin. Herbert is he's. He's a great quarterback. One of the best rookies we've ever seen and it'll be interesting to see if he can move upwards in fantasy production. Lamar jackson comes in at number ten. Saying that out loud that is a that is kind of like a knife in the back of everybody that invested so heavily in-draughts. Who's the second quarterback off the board and in fifteen games. Twenty seven hundred passing yards teeny pie. Twenty six passing touchdowns still over thousand rushing yards. That is where lamar. Jackson provides his fantasy consistency. Which was at a twenty percent. Bus routes sixty percent good twenty-seven percent. Great that last number there is probably the most disappointing drafted. You drafted lamar jackson to win you. The position over your fantasy opponent and he didn't finish above four at the position but one time and that was in week fourteen so when the player you drafted win you the week at the position was consistently losing to your opponent that hurt through the first eleven weeks yeah..

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