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Console and my amplifiers. Now the to be a TOP news. 1118. Traffic and weather on the 8s, let's go to Ian and the traffic center. Rough ride on a lot of area roadways thanks to some road work we start in the district Liz on I 6 95 the southeast three way across the 11th street bridge in delays heading into a work zone and you head south on I two 95 from the bridge. This will take you all the way down to past suitland Parkway, maybe too as far as Malcolm X and it should be a single right. Yes, a single right lane to get by the work. Now, northbound is from Malcolm X to the suitland park where you are going to be single left, pass that work on a very, very sluggish ride there as well. And on D.C. two 95, nothing pending at the moment earlier crash activity we had near Pennsylvania avenue appears to be gone. On the capitol beltway. From Maryland into Virginia on the outer loop, it is very slow. In fact, barely moving at all after river road trying to get across the bridge and into the work zone on the Virginia side of the bridge, single left lane is how that goes and it's going to be going that way all night, expect delays. Think of a plan B to get across the Potomac river. If that is where your path carries you in the early morning hours of Saturday. On the rest of the Maryland roadways, 95 of the Baltimore Washington Parkway are quiet in Virginia, crash activity. This one said to involve a pedestrian, northbound on two 34 dumfries road after I 95 with a left lane getting by it last report, this doubtless will be an investigation, the ramps, both northbound and southbound on 95 and exit one 52 a are blocked because of this activity. 66, lots of work, eastbound, the fund begins inside the rose until I shoot both ways inside the rosalina lease battle westbound 66 down to a single left lane outside the beltway. Westbound is in lots of delays from one 23 toward route 50 with a left lane getting by. There's also said to be worked before the Prince William Parkway over on the left side. Eastbound on 60, 6 or 29 Centreville got a couple of lanes getting by that work and then the long slow ride on eastbound 66 from nutley street heading toward the capitol, but way with a single right lane getting by. Ian Crawford WTO traffic. Here's storm team fours Amelia Draper, heading on into the weekend the last weekend in October mostly cloudy skies tonight with Lowe's in the 40s.

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