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News Tech Trends reviews are in for the iphone ten are back in September at a launch event for its latest flagship devices CEO, Tim cook introduce something. Unexpected stripped down version of the ten s called the ten are. I think calling it stripped down sort of under sells it a little bit. Dana woman is editor in chief for the tech blog end gadget. It's lacking. A few flagship features compared to the new tennis and tennis max, but apple didn't have to make that many compromises in the same time. The price is probably going to be a lot more appealing to people and gadgets reviewers from the phones performance very much in line with the iphone ten as- except the display is a little less sharp. And they camera isn't quite as nice it is more expensive still than comparable, Android phones. The ten comes with a price tag of seven hundred fifty dollars, which will probably induce a little bit less sticker shock than the thousand dollars. Plus that people are starting to expect from new iphones. With Tech Trends. I'm scott. Berg ABC news with midterm elections approaching. Bloomberg reports neither Facebook nor Twitter have detected any Chinese meddling in the two thousand eighteen election's. China has been attempting to interfere it our upcoming Twenty-eight teen election from social media's stance. Facebook and Twitter say that comment isn't true. The social media giants have reported online disinformation that appears to come from Russia and Iran, but anonymous sources from Facebook and Twitter say they have found no evidence so far of malign activity from China last week cybersecurity firms FireEye Simtek and crowd strike also said they haven't seen any evidence of digital interference by China. That's Mike Bauer reporting. Are you thinking about changing jobs because of your commute wouldn't be surprised around here will ABC's? Daria Albinger, checked out. A new survey that asked that question. Tired of your community where people around the road more people are working commutes are lengthening McDonald, executive director at Robert Half, which found a quarter of people leave their jobs because. Of Israel can go down when there's a bad stress can be added to one's life. He says employers can offer their team members solutions to ease that stress officer mass transit passes paying for parking or subsidizing the parking car pool or van services. Don't always make them come in telecommuting options are huge in a way to reduce stress. Daria Albinger, ABC news. New study indicates household pets might be able to judge time. The study from Northwestern University discovered timing neurons in animal brain cortex is that activate when the little animals are waiting. Researchers say they hope they're finding show that neuro degenerative disorders like Alzheimers can be studied further in animals officials in oak park. Michigan are banning clown costumes from city sponsored Halloween events, the vision made some people's anxieties over clowns officials say the recent change in clown costumes that depict them in evil characters. Factored into that decision. Attentions the antioxidants and welches concord grape juice aren't just. Anti oxidant. Nah, they hate oxidants welches antioxidant track down, those nasty oxidants find their leader and beat it to a sniveling oxidant pulp in front of all the other oxidants. So they slink away like scared puppies. And you never have to worry about them ever again. That's a welches antioxidant the world's toughest antioxidants welches his graves. Komo news one thousand FM ninety seven seven the northwest only twenty four hour news station coming up suspicious packages, mailed to several democratic operatives. I'm Jeff Pohjola with what the state patrol is doing here. A former firefighter tries to traffic young girls to Wyoming, and it's not the first time. He's been in trouble. I'm Taylor van Cise downtown Seattle. It's fifty seven KOMO news time, twelve thirty. Crabs are others seen as critics.

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