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It's been a win and be games last couple of years now in the playoffs different animal. But I think the chiefs have no excuse not to win this. I think when you look at the colts there a year ahead of schedule like making the playoffs. This year was gravy beating division rival in the first round gravy. Their quarterback is now healthy their offense of line the running backs look solid dairies Leonard looks like a star. You know, they're still they're still several pieces of land defense to me from being a really dynamic team. They're just Uber flew the guy that Josh mcdaniels hires a hell of a job. I think they lose this weekend. I think the chiefs move. It on. And I think at the end of the day the colts had an incredible season. And the chief just can't you can't lose this game. You can't be the one seed you can't have the quarterback be the MVP. The league. Leeann loses game. I don't care if you win two to nothing or winner Rams chief game fifty four to fifty one. You have to win this game. And ultimately, I think they're going to win this game. I actually like them to cover the five and a half points. What I have met right now. Dallas LA I've been riding Dallas. I think Dallas is built for this. They have I was talking with a buddy today in the leak. I set it at the time. And I know he was playing kinda shitty. And he just wasn't that into it. But I don't blame him. The raiders were in shambles. I don't think people quite realize how big the Amari Cooper midseason trade was like Amari Cooper when he came out was the number four overall pick. If he was in this draft. He'd be a top five pick Mark Hooper's stud, and he was having a bad year before he got here. Well, Derek wasn't playing that wealth. Gruden was off. They'd traded all the players. They were just in shambles. The guy's twenty four years old. He's a stud last week. He had seven catches for one hundred yards. He's a blue Chipper Zeke might be the best running back in the league. And that includes Todd Gurley like Zeke as he wants as he called Dak last week. He's a grown, man. I as I said on on the earlier this week podcast. I like Dak more than most. I think he's like a poor man's Cam. Newton meets Russell Wilson. There's something about him. Dude. I trust them in these big aims now. He's flawed. He doesn't have a great arm. He can be a little at inaccurate on the deep ball. But I think they go to LA and win. They're my favorite bet this weekend. I love him getting a touchdown on the road. I just think they're tough. I think they're more physical. Jared Goff Mahomes hasn't played into big game Goff played in one. And that was last year's playoff game..

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