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And he was gardening and he stretched to face on a thorn on a rose bush and had caused fulminant infection that he his skin was ruined he lost an eye he could barely walk and he was almost cured by the first doses of penicillin except penicillin was very hard to make and they didn't have quite enough drug and so he died so in my own family there's a story migrate uncle died and nineteen 38 three years before albert alexander experiment from getting scratched and cut by something falling on him at work he was a fireman and the heavy whose novel on one of the fire hoses tumbled off the shelf and hit him and two weeks later he died of what we would now call septicemia the only treatment they had for him was transfusions people lined up who had worked with him in his firehouse to give transfusions hoping to dilute with at the time they thought of his blood poisoning so scratches were deadly childbirth was deadly cuts were deadly i remember my grandmother on the other side of the family being absolutely obsessed with handwashing and scrubbing the kitchen and scrubbing the floors and when i was growing up i thought this was absurd but i grew up with an antibiotic era and my grandmother was born just before it so anything that we think of now as just time not even risks than our daily lives could have ended our life back them and we run out of antibiotics it will again exactly you are destined to do this work i just might add that listeners if you're just joining us you're tuned into foods with radio where we are joined by maryn mckenna she is a wellknown author she has specialized in public health and food policy and.

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